“This is not a program where we aspire to become shining stars on Broadway, rather, we are thrown into a whirlpool of all genres of theater and dance, where we discuss, debate, and are provoked to understand what makes a good show, what makes good art, and are to be challenged as we make discoveries about what kind of art is our own.”

-Hanako Justice
Trinity/La MaMa alumna ‘10


The program  includes a comprehensive academic seminar, a field study with a non-profit arts organization, performance practice classes, attendance at multiple performances each week, and multi-arts exploration of New York City as a field study site.
The semester culminates with a student performace presented both at Trinity College and at La MaMa.  To foster dynamic academic and artistic growth, the interdisciplinary learning approaches include group and individualized study and research.

All students enroll in the following courses for a total of 5 Trinity credits.
1 Trinity credit = 3.5 semester hours


Technique courses:
Students expand their expressive vocabulary, develop physical, vocal and psychophysical skills and deepen their understanding of different performance techniques.
Field Study Placement:
Students select a non-profit arts organization, an individual artist, or company with which to study  twice a week. Placements provide and excellent way to gain practical experience in the field, learn the business and logistical side of being an artist, and to make connections to venues.

Performance Analysis:
In this course, students investigate ways to evaluate and discuss performance.  They attend at least three shows a week, engage in discussion, and learn about the historical and cultural context of the performances.