“This is not a program where we aspire to become shining stars on Broadway, rather, we are thrown into a whirlpool of all genres of theater and dance, where we discuss, debate, and are provoked to understand what makes a good show, what makes good art, and are to be challenged as we make discoveries about what kind of art is our own.”

-Hanako Justice
Trinity/La MaMa alumna ‘10


Participate in acting and dance practice classes, attend diverse arts events, intern with a non-profit arts institution or individual artist, learn from a diverse group of NYC-based guest artists and present an ensemble performance piece at La MaMa.


401. Performance Workshop: A participatory workshop in which students interested in performance can work on expanding their expressive vocabulary and develop physical, vocal, psycho-physical skills.  This course culminates in a presentation of a final ensemble performance project previewing at Trinity and then performed at La MaMa.  2 course credits.  Burke & staff

405. The Non-Profit Arts Organization: Students work at field study placements selected by the students with the director for a minimum of 20 hours each week.  Additionally, there are weekly discussions with the director of the program about on-site work as well as lectures, readings and research projects.  1 course credit. Burke

411. Performance Analysis: In this course, students investigate ways to evaluate and discuss performance.  They attend at least three performances each week and a two-hour, bi-weekly seminar.  The seminar focuses on exploring ways to articulate and write about the performances they see. 2 course credits. Burke