​"Trinity/LaMaMa offers some of the best performance training in New York City. The students come from across the country and around the world. They are  talented and engaged and energized. And why shouldn't they be? New York City is their campus and it's artists their teachers and mentors."

-Ping Chong
Founder and Artistic Director of Ping Chong + Company​

Visiting Students

The program is open to students with a 2.8 cummulative GPA  in good academic and social standing at their institution who will be juniors or seniors in the their fall semester at La MaMa. Applications for the upcoming fall semester will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Due to limited enrollment, early application submissions are highly encouraged.
As  part of the application process, students are required to meet with Program Director Barbara Karger  at Barbara.Karger@trincoll.edu​ or (860) 297-2209. ​

For further information about the application process, please contact Eleanor Emerson in the Office of Study Away at Eleanor.emerson@trincoll.edu or (860) 297-4178.

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