Funding + Financing

 Study abroad isn't cheap but it doesn't have to be cost prohibitive either.  The cost of studying abroad varies greatly depending the type and length of the program and the destination.  With the right information and advanced planning, most students can afford to study away.

Different types of programs - Trinity vs. Approved External 

Trinity students can choose from about 100 study away programs that have been vetted and approved by the college.  These study away programs fall into two categories: Trinity College programs and Approved External programs.
The cost of the Trinity programs is in line with the comprehensive fee here in Hartford but with some modifications to some programs inregards to housing and meals.  Details on the Trinity program costs and what is included can be found on the respective program pages on this website. 
Students interested in studying on a non-Trinity  approved program will not be billed by Trinity for tuition but will be billed for the Study Away Fee.  Students will receive a bill directly from the program for the program costs. See under "Study Away Fee" below for details about current fees.

Consider your program destination and know what is included

With all of the study away options that Trinity College offers its students, costs can vary considerably.  Be sure you know exactly what is included in the cost of the program (meals, transportation, medical insurance, etc).  In addition to the program costs, it is important to be aware of any additional costs such as travel to/from the program, visa fees and the cost of living at the program location.

Study Away fee

All students studying on Approved External Programs are required to pay a study away fee to Trinity College. This fee is not required for students studying on Trinity Administered Programs and the Trinity Rikkyo Exchange Program. The fee for Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 is $3500, and students who study away for the entire academic year will be charged $4000 total (for both terms, not per term). The study away fee is necessary, because although students are not in residence at the College, they will still have the full support of the College, including assistance from the study away staff and registrar’s office, access to their academic advisor and other faculty mentors, access to library resources, etc.

The study away fee is the only tuition/fee that students pay to Trinity College during their semester or year away. All other costs are those charged/billed by the program that the student enrolls in.  Because most Approved External Programs cost less for a semester or year than it would cost to pay Trinity tuition for the same period, the cost of a semester away is typically slightly less than the cost of studying in Hartford, even with the study away fee charged by the college.

Financial aid and scholarships

The same federal and state aid, institutional scholarships, grants and loans that are available to studentsat Trinity can also contribute to funding their study away experience.  If students receive any financial assistance, they should consult with the financial aid office to learn more.  Students aid will apply to their study abroad program, as long as the program is approved by the college and the Office of Study Away.

Increase or decrease to Aid

Students who receive financial aid or scholarships to attend Trinity can apply that aid to their program abroad.  Each student’s financial aid package will be evaluated on the basis of his or her revised budget for the study away program (including round-trip transportation and personal expenses).  Schedule a meeting with Morgan Bayer Pohorylo in the Financial Aid office to discuss your study away plans. Her email is 

Study Abroad Scholarships

Receiving an outside  scholarship may reduce the amount of loan needed,  can reduce the family contribution, or reduce the Trinity grant. There are numerous scholarships available that can be either need based, merit based, or for a particular program or for a specific country or language.
For a complete listing of undergraduate study abroad scholarships,  visit the website for the Institute for International Education (IIE) at

Billing information

Students studying on an Approved External Program will be billed directly by the program and the study away fee will billed by Trinity.  If a student receives any financial assistance at Trinity, the student must send a copy of the bill to the Trinity Financial Aid Office and the student should pay their portion directly to the program.