Faculty are an integral part of our programs.
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The OSA greatly values our partnership with Trinity faculty and staff.  Our office works very closely with faculty to ensure that students have a strong academic experience studying away, and we work with staff across the campus to make it possible for Trinity students to go and return smoothly.

Each of the OSA-administered programs were developed with the help of Trinity faculty and all of these programs have one or more faculty who oversee the academics. In addition, there are many Trinity faculty who are knowledgeable about the approved and affilliate programs who regularly serve as a resource to students with questions.

In order to help the OSA staff better serve students and faculty, the OSA staff hope to visit each academic department/program to discuss departmental/student needs and faculty recommendations.

We also maintain regular contact with administrative offices and staff and welcome opportunities to meet with staff in any offices who are interested in further collaborating with us.

Please contact the OSA for further information or if you would like to request hard copies of the Guidelines for Study Away, Request for Approval to Study Away, or any of the Trinity program brochures.

Thank you, OSA Staff

Study Away Faculty Advisory Committee

The purpose of the committee is to advise the Office of Study Away (OSA) on curricular and other faculty issues that pertain to study away.  In addition, the committee will review changes to the Approved Study Away Program List; discuss strategies for better linking the urban and the global; strategize on how to maximize enrollments in study away; and work to enhance curricular integration and OSA/faculty collaboration. The committee, which is headed by Dr. Xiangming Chen, Dean and Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies, meets 2-3 times per semester.
The Committee Members are:
  • Xiangming Chen
  • Lisa Sapolis
  • Thomas Harrington
  • Milla Riggio
  • Henry DePhillips
  • Erik Vogt
  • Alden Gordon
  • Zaydee Antrim
  • Diane Zannoni
  • Alison Draper
  • Andrea Dyrness
  • Taikang Ning
  • Adrienne Fulco
  • Pablo Delano
  • Joan Morrison
  • Michael Lestz
  • Seth Markle
  • Kristin Triff
  • Carol Clark