Study Away Advising

In order to study away for a semester or year, students complete a study away advising process that involves meeting with an advisor, talking with students who have studied away and returned, and submitting an official Request to Study Away. To ensure adequate time for advising and program applications, students are required to begin the advising process one year in advance of their preferred study away term.

Sophomores and Juniors who are academically eligible to study away (a GPA of 2.5 or higher is required) are automatically enrolled in an online Trinity College Study Away course, which they can find by logging into Trinity’s Moodle platform. Inside the course, they will find detailed steps to study away, with associated links and resources. Students must complete all steps of the advising process by the deadline for the term or year that they would like to study away. Faculty can find the steps that students must follow by visiting our Study Away Process page.

Faculty Advising

Many students enter the study away advising process having already discussed their interest in studying away with faculty advisors or mentors. If they haven't, however, advisors in the Office of Study Away encourage them to discuss their study away academic goals and plans with their academic advisor as early as possible. Students who have not yet declared a major are advised to meet with a faculty member in their prospective major(s) prior to applying to a specific program.

Students often complete senior theses related to studies they pursued while abroad, and many programs offer internships, independent studies, or research opportunities that relate to specific areas of study. Students can make the most of their Trinity College education by talking with faculty in Hartford about how they can best integrate their study away experience with their studies at Trinity. Study away advisors explain to students that involving faculty advisors in their decision is important.

Faculty advisors should be aware that it is not possible for students with GPAs below 2.5 to study away for a semester or year. Even with a GPA between 2.5-2.8, it is often difficult for a student to find a program that meets their goals/interests and will accept them. Students with GPAs between 2.8-3.0 are generally able to find several programs that meet their needs; students with GPAs above 3.0 have many options.  GPA requirements for the Trinity College semester programs can be found here.

Students are told that it is their responsibility to ask faculty about major-specific academic requirements and the possibility of transferring courses back to meet major or minor requirements prior to committing to study away.