Global Ambassador Program

The Office of Study Away is excited to have a team of dedicated Study Away Global Ambassadors to assist interested students through the pre-departure study away process. Global Ambassadors have already studied abroad on a Trinity College Study Away program and enjoy talking with students and sharing their experiences and enthusiasm for stud away in general and their programs in particular.

Global Ambassadors for 2015-2016


​Elaine Kissel '15 - Trinity in Cape Town

Hometown: Mercer Island, WA
Something you are involved with around campus: pre-law society
Favorite campus hangout: Quad
Post-graduation plans: hopefully working on a 2016 presidential campaign!
Favorite bantam memory: going abroad :)
Favorite TV show: House of Cards
Favorite dessert: Half-baked Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Fun fact: I lived in Hong Kong for six years

​Kelsey Murray '16 - Trinity in Paris

Major: English
Hometown: Pleasantville
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc): Relay for Life, Trinity Tripod, ACES
Your favorite campus hangout: The Quad
Your post-graduation plans: book a flight back to Paris!
Your favorite Bantam memory: When Trinity Squash won Natty Champs after being defeated the year before. Unreal. 
Your favorite TV show: Modern Family or Prison Break
Your favorite dessert: Founder’s Favorite from Cold Stone
A fun fact about you: My favorite food while I was in Paris was the “Jambon Compléte” from the Crêperie right next to the Trinity Site. If you go, tell Niko that I sent you and he’ll make it special!

​Jocelyn Redding '16 - Trinity in Trinidad

Major: Psychology
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc):
The Fred, Chapel, WGRAC, Quest pre-orientation trip, Questbridge scholars
Your favorite campus hangout: The Fred common room
Your post-graduation plans: Graduate school for a Clinical Psychology degree
Your favorite Bantam memory: Leading Questing and meeting so many amazing people, even before classes started.
Your favorite TV show: Supernatural or Parks and Recreation
Your favorite dessert:  Cake batter ice cream with oreos
A fun fact about you: I’m double-jointed in my arms. It’s a great party trick that weirds people out.

​Kelsey Thomas '16 - Trinity in Barcelona

Hometown: Stonington, CT
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc): Women's Soccer
Your favorite campus hangout: Peter B's
Your post-graduation plans: Travel and, hopefully, get a job
Your favorite Bantam memory: When we made school history for soccer by making NCAA's
Your favorite TV show: Criminal Minds
Your favorite dessert: Cheesecake
A fun fact about you: I have 3 younger sisters

​Christa Prophete '17 - Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program in New York City

Major: Theater and Dance
Hometown: Forest Park (Chicago, IL)
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc):
Your favorite campus hangout: WGRAC
Your post-graduation plans: In the near future I intend to join peace corp. for a year and then pursue my graduate’s degree eventually. In the far future I can see myself dancing and doing performance art. I would love to open a non-for Profit Company to be able to create my own artistic work for issues that I find important such as domestic violence, women’s rights sexual assault, self-worth, etc. I would love to express this through performance art as well as dance.
Your favorite Bantam memory: I really enjoyed samba fest last year. I also enjoy all the open mic events including coffee house at the Fred.
Your favorite TV show:
New Girl
Your favorite dessert:
Cheese Cake
A fun fact about you:
I fall asleep to the sound of rain every night

​Dan Wilkins '16 - Trinity College Rome Campus

Major: Film Studies
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc):
Your favorite campus hangout:
Vernon Social Center
Your post-graduation plans:
Your favorite Bantam memory:
Spring Weekend 2013
Your favorite TV show:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Your favorite dessert:
Ice Cream
A fun fact about you:
I had surgery in Rome to fix a finger injury.

​Ada Ng '16 - Trinity in Shanghai

Major: Engineering
Hometown: New York, NY
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc):
Your favorite campus hangout: Common space in my dorm
Your post-graduation plans: Find a job and start working before applying for grad school
Your favorite Bantam memory: Working late nights at the engineering lab, but knowing that your friends are also struggling alongside.
Your favorite TV show: Pretty Little Liars
Your favorite dessert: Banana pudding ice cream
A fun fact about you: I am terrible at any activity that involves a proper balance. That being said, I cannot ride a bike.

​Katherine Gagen '16 - Trinity in Buenos Aires

Major: Urban Studies and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Newton, MA
Something you are involved with around campus (clubs, sports, etc): Amnesty International
Your favorite campus hangout: The Underground and Cleo of Alpha Chi
Your post-graduation plans: We’ll see! Hopefully I’ll be traveling somewhere exciting.
Your favorite Bantam memory: Helping out at Halloween on Vernon at the PRAXIS haunted house
Your favorite TV show: White Collar
Your favorite dessert: Crème Brule
A fun fact about you:  I like to arm-knit scarves.

​Tara Kantor '16 - Trinity College Rome Campus