Global Ambassador Program

​The Office of Study Away is excited to have a team of dedicated Study Away Global Ambassadors to assist interested students through the pre-departure study away process. Global Ambassadors have already studied abroad on a Trinity College Study Away program and enjoy talking with students and sharing their experiences and enthusiasm for study away in general and their programs in particular. For more information on the Global Ambassador program, including how to apply, please click here.

Andrew Biedermann '18, Art History, Trinity in Rome 

The importance of studying away is something I feel very strongly about. I want to stress what living abroad does to what I call your world perspective. Of course, when studying abroad you learn about the country and city that you are staying in, but you eventually grow to feel that you live in this city and understand how life works there. Many of us have been surrounded by a single culture for most of our life and have become used to a certain way of life. Living abroad for a semester disrupts the notion that every country is generally the same or that there is only one way of living or that every country follows America’s cultural lead. When abroad we are forced out of our old ways of living and come to see just how large the world is, and how unique every location is no matter how humble. We also gain a new way of understanding the United States and begin to grasp how people from other countries view our nation.

Trinity’s program in Rome is among the most respected in the city yet it maintains an intimacy that seems to be rare elsewhere. Students aren’t just thrown in a random city block, they are housed together in the finest neighborhood in Rome. I also want to stress how much the students enjoyed their professors and that walking tours were often accompanied by frequent cappuccino stops that built relationships. The professors are also some of the most respected figures in their fields, namely Prof. Pace and Prof. Persegatti.

​Kimani Bishop '19, M​usic, Trinity in Trinidad 

I am from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I have studied at the University of the West-Indies (U.W.I) in my freshmen year. With an interest in the Musical Arts, I registered as a music major at U.W.I, with focus on the steelpan and choral singing. I had a great academic year at U.W.I mainly because of the island-life experience. It was relaxing and mind-blowing knowing that there was warm Caribbean ocean a few miles from the campus. In the spring semester of my freshmen year, I decided to participate in the study abroad program to Trinity College. I was successful in gaining a full financial grant to embark on the experience and Trinity welcomed me with open arms. On completion of my academic year at Trinity as a Sophomore, I applied to the admission office at Trinity to transfer my academic accreditations from U.W.I and for admittance as a Junior year, Trinity student with the graduating class of 2019. I am continuing to pursue my music degree and I am much involved in the music department at the Austin Arts Center. Also, I am excited for any given opportunity to share my culture with others.

The locals of Trinidad and Tobago are laid back and very festive. The diversity and rich culture of the people is phenomenal. The Indian heritage is very prominent on the island. There is a great presence of the Hindu culture, practices, dishes and cuisines. Other races and cultures include the Syrians, the Chinese, the Spanish, the French and the African population. The Syrian’s and the Chinese have their own local mouth-watering cuisines and dishes that areonly found on the island. The Spanish is well-known for their parang music and festivals. This festival traditionally occurs during the Christmas holiday season. The French’s presence is found in the names of the town’s, cities and streets before the island was colonized. The African race is the dominant race on both islands and their Creole food is very famous, and they use a mixture of local herbs, spices and seasonings. The food is often exploding with wild, exquisite, exotic flavors. It is a very festive island and the locals use every opportunity to be festive, or as the locals would say: - “Let’s lime” or “Leh we fete”. According to Wikipedia, Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is ranked second place in the world. Living on UWI campus is a great experience and it supports the social aspect of learning the dialect among the locals. The professors are well trained, easy to work with and they are very proficient in their field. Transportation on the island is very simple and efficient due to the size of the country and the busses, they are funded by the government. There are even water ferries as a means of transport from the northside to the south of the island and vice versa. Including ferries that travel to Tobago from the main island (Trinidad) and back. Tobago is the island known for its beautiful beaches and agriculture. The warm and friendly people from the island of Tobago have a slightly different dialect from the people of main island. There is a very distinct and different accent that separates each island. Tobago was a country on its own until they joined with Trinidad in 1889 under the rule of the British forces as an administrative word unit.

Trinidad and Tobago is a beautiful country and I guarantee an experience you won’t forget.

Chris Bulfinch '18, History, Trinity in Vienna 

I absolutely loved my time in Vienna and I am excited for the opportunity to give back to the program, and to give advice and guidance to students interested in the program. Studying abroad is a phenomena opportunity to get out of one’s comfort zone and learn how to live and work in an unfamiliar environment. Learning how to navigate the particularities of a city or country imparts a valuable ability to adapt to new situations and interact with people from all walks of life.

Trinity’s Vienna program in particular places students in one of the most livable cities in Europe, a city with a character and charm utterly unlike anywhere in the United States or Europe. It is simultaneously relaxed and full of energy, laid-back and passionate. No matter one’s interests or idea of a good time, Vienna can provide a wonderful experience against a backdrop of beautiful architecture, rich history, and a culture that is both wry and friendly, ironic and deeply sincere. 

On campus, Chris is involved with the Tripod as a senior editor, and works as an Undergraduate Fellow at the Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life. Outside of school, he enjoys running, sailing, skiing, and collecting antique coins and paper money. ​

Ilan Crawley '19, Neuroscience, Trinity in Barcelona 

I would like to enlighten students about the many advantages of studying away. Trinity College provides students the unique opportunity of tailoring their study away experience to their needs or wants. Thus, students have the privilege of visiting a different country or city with the complete support of the Trinity's staff and resources. I would like to encourage students to gain a global awareness beyond any ethnocentric perspectives. Studying away enables true cultural immersion with exposure to different cuisines, languages, and people. 

Studying away is a unique opportunity in which students are able to experience culture completely different from their own. Trinity's programs are unparalleled in that students have the chance to explore a different country or city, with the necessary structure to enable a stress-free semester. Trinity in Barcelona, specifically, is an excellent program because students maintain total freedom and independence, with the full support of the Trinity staff, domestic and abroad. The program truly cares for its students, providing many different opportunities and resources to ensure a better experience.​ 

Hope Gillan '18, Political Science, Trinity in Rome 

I want to share my love for Rome and the experiences I had all across Europe with students who are thinking about studying away. I want to highlight that it is normal to be a bit anxious to live in a foreign country, but with the Rome program especially, those anxieties will wash away as soon as you arrive. I really love talking about all the people I met abroad, the food I ate, the things I learned and the places I traveled.

I tell everyone I talk to that if they have the chance to study away, to do it. It was the best experience in my four years at Trinity. Initially, I was terrified of living away from home for 4 months, but ultimately when we packed our bags and were told to head to Fiumicino Airport for our flight home I couldn't control my tears. The thing about study away, whatever program you do, is that it is a huge learning experience. I learned about a totally different culture, met new people and gained a totally new support system/group of really close friends because of my time abroad. I think why I loved Trinity in Rome so much was the group of people I was with. Of the 18 people I hung out with daily, I knew 5 of them beforehand, the majority of them were Trinity students whose paths I had just never crossed. The tight knit community that comes out of going to Rome is just a fraction of why I would recommend Rome over other study away opportunities. I would also recommend Rome because of the course options, all can factor into your GPA and you have the opportunity to take courses that satisfy major requirements. Overall, the experience of studying away isn't just about the course load, but it is a learning opportunity different to anything you experience in Hartford.

​Kole Kostic '19, Economics and International Studies, Trinity in Rome 

When you live away for a certain period of time, you get out of your comfort zone which allows you to experience real life and learn how to deal with issues on your own. I chose Italy because of its rich history and culture that I was very interested in. In addition to this, there have been many turbulences in Europe recently, especially with the immigration crisis and the rise of populist parties in the EU and Italy, so for those interested in politics and human rights, Italy is a place to go to.

What also made me feel confident is that our staff in Rome have more than 30 years of experience, which means that they know how to deal with any type of problems, but also to recommend interesting trips to other cities in Italy. 

During my stay in Italy, I met a lot of new people (Italians and other participants in the program) with some of whom I am still in contact. I got to know Italian culture, language and history much better. Our classes were organized in such way that we had walking tours on Wednesdays and Thursdays with our professors. I liked this component very much because at the end of the semester I knew almost every corner of the city. I would be more than happy to share all the places in the city and in Italy that others should consider visiting.

​Luciano Luttmann '18, History, Trinity in Buenos Aires 

Studying away has been an incredible part of my time at Trinity. As clichéd as this sounds studying away expands your world. You come in contact with ways of life that are different than you are accustomed to in the US. These experiences show you that there are many ways to live a life. Also, this knowledge of the world forces you to question your own beliefs and those of your home country. My favorite part of spending a semester in a country is you have the time to immerse yourself in the culture and tradition. You are living in a country rather than visiting or vacationing. This offers a much more fulfilling experience. 

Buenos Aires in an amazing city that is central to not only Argentina but South America as a whole. The city is bustling with a unique energy that can only be appreciated with time and experience. The Trinity in Buenos Aires program is designed to really immerse the student in the life of the country. Through the host family and courses at university I was able to meet not only Argentinians but people from all across the world. The city has a strong international presence but still retains its unique Argentinian life and culture. I would recommend this program for any students that is looking for something slightly different than the “typical” European study abroad. I understand it will be hard to pull students away from more popular programs such as Barcelona and Rome, but I certainly feel that Argentina needs more consideration when making the decision where to study. It offers the best of both worlds in that the country possesses an enormous metropolitan center and also incredible places to travel near and far. In my experience students should not fear coming to Buenos Aires without much Spanish knowledge. If accepted as a global ambassador I will attempt to convey why I believe this to students who might be hesitant. 

Noor Malik '18,  Political Science & International Relations, Trinity in Cape Town

I had a phenomenal experience studying abroad in Cape Town. It allowed me to broaden my horizons and contributed greatly to my personal growth. I would love to have the opportunity to help other students learn about the program, and also guide them as they prepare for it. 

Studying away is great way to break out of your shell and experience something that has the capacity to change you in a very positive way. Meeting new people and getting to know different cultures teaches gives you the kind of learning that you can’t acquire in the classroom. Trinity-in-Cape Town provides the perfect opportunity to students to experience nature, culture, and people. Studying alongside locals allows you to be fully immersed in a new environment that is both challenging and stimulating. Living in South Africa also exposes you to a myriad of social issues and empowers you with tools you can use to make a positive contribution towards society. Our Trinity professor, Dr. Sibs Moore is a wonderful lady who ensures that students leave South Africa after having a great learning experience.

As an international student, being at Trinity itself is studying abroad for me. However, studying away in two other countries has enriched my college experience and made it far more wholesome and fulfilling. I have made wonderful bonds with people from different parts of the world and I have grown a lot. I have had the chance to travel to several countries while abroad and have seen many unique cities. I have become more independent, adaptable, and aware as a person. I have also been very happy to see that Trinity has equipped me with the skills needed to excel academically in other countries. Having the opportunity to leave my mark in a foreign country has been very meaningful and it has given me memories that I really cherish. 

Carrie Morgan '19, Public Policy and Law & French, Trinity in Paris  

I really enjoyed my time in Paris and I regret not spending a second semester at the program. I fell love in with the people, the food, and the city. The people who work at the campus are amazing, the location is unbelievable, and the Trinity sponsored trips are interesting because they take you outside of Paris to places in France that you might not explore otherwise. Furthermore, Francie is accessible 24/7 to help you with anything and everything. She also makes the transition process from the United States to France easy and she truly wants you to enjoy your time in Paris.

Going to Paris forced me out of my comfort zone in order to make new friends and to truly experience all the aspects of the city. Paris is a lively city that is a pleasure to explore. Every arrondissement has a different energy and deserves to be discovered. I spent four months in Paris and still feel like there were places I missed. I never felt like there was nothing to do in Paris. You will never be bored in Paris if you are open to trying new things. This program is perfect if you want to experience the true Parisian life. 

Janie Weber '19, French & Political Science, Trinity in Paris​ 

I would recommend Trinity students study abroad for many reasons. Experiences gained are those Hartford cannot provide. The ability to get out of one's comfort zone matched with such a strong Trinity support-system is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In addition, the sense of independence and self-agency experienced, particularly for our non-international students, is unmatched. Finally, learning the differences in culture, politics, and day-to-day living in another country, particularly for me as a Political Science major was worthwhile.

Regarding Paris specifically, it is one of the most famous, beautiful cities in the world known for its food, wine, art, and laid-back lifestyle. Paris is very much a "livable city," as we referred to it within our program. Students are able to get to know their favorite café waiter during lunch hours, visit the markets for fresh food, go to the best wine tastings in the city to learn about the art of wine-making, as well as visit some of the most well-established museums in the world, many of which (including the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay) are only a fifteen-minute walk away from campus.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much of a true cultural experience the program actually was. Physically living, studying, and socializing in Paris with the safety-net of the Trinity in Paris staff and our professors allows for a unique and safe transition into a full cultural immersion for those doing homestays as well as those living in apartments. Though time spent travelling in other parts of Europe was unforgettable, some of the most memorable moments for me were those spent on class trips in different parts of France.​