Summer Programs


Information about Summer 2015 programs will be posted later this. Please check back or contact Zachary Macinnes, Summer Study Away Advisor at


Summer study abroad is an excellent way to complement your semester academic studies. It is an attractive option for students who are unable to study abroad during the year and there are a wide variety of program choices available.  Trinity College is proud to offer its own study away programs each summer. These programs are all Trinity College Faculty led and sponsored. 

 Applications for 2014 are now closed.  Please check back next fall for the 2015 Summer Programs!  When applications open, you will be able to Please click on the program that interests you to APPLY NOW!  If you need more help deciding, read on or, go to the Getting Started link to the left.

The Application Process  

Trinity Summer Programs: Both Trinity students and non-Trinity students planning to attend a Trinity College Summer Program can apply online.  The application deadline will be April 1, 2014 for all Trinity Summer Programs.   Applications are now closed for 2014.
NON-Trinity Summer Programs: Please see the "Non-Trinity Summer Programs" page for details on this process.
For more information or if you have any questions on the application processes, please contact Zachary Macinnes at

How To Choose A Summer Program

Figuring out which summer program is right for you is something the OSA can help you with!  Trinity College offers our own Summer Programs ranging from three-weeks to five-weeks long in a variety of disciplines.  The advantage of a Trinity Summer Program is the high level of academics that you expect from a Trinity course, ease in application process, the classes are all Trinity College courses and the grades transfer into your cummulative GPA.  How great is that?

The OSA can assist in selecting the program that works for your summer, your major or where you want to be.  For non-Trinity College Summer Programs, the offering is extensive.  The OSA has a resource library that includes a directory of short term and summer study abroad programs. You can also contact  the Summer Program Coordinator at  860-297-2005  or make an appointment online here or come to the office at 66 Vernon Street during business hours.  There is also a good search engine to get you started at the Institute for International Education Web site.  Make an appointment with the OSA to walk through the selection process.


Trinity Summer Program Descriptions for 2014


GERMANY - Closed

Trinity-in-Berlin Summer Program (4 weeks) - 2 credits BERL 101/2 and BERL 233


Trinity-in-Akko Archeology, Heritage, and History Project (4 weeks) - 2 credits CLCV 300


Trinity-in-Rome  Summer Program (5 weeks) 2 credits – Offerings include art history, Italian language and cultural studies NEW! 2014 Cryptology from Caesar to the Internet Age.  Some scholarships available.
 Trinity Rome Campus Summer Program  (3 Weeks) - Spaces will be limited. Some scholarships available.
ROME238 Art History - Splendors of Early Christian and Medieval Art (3 Weeks) 1 credit OR
NEW! - ROME157 Human Understanding of the Physical World 1 credit

SPAIN - Closed

Trinity-in-Barcelona Summer Program (4 weeks) - 2 credits BARC227 and BARC233
Trinity-in-Barcelona Neuroscience Summer Program (3 weeks) - 1 credit BARC101 The Brain

Trinity 2014 Summer Program Academic Contacts

  • Barcelona: Language and Culture—contact Professor Thomas Harrington
  • Barcelona: Neuroscience - contact Professor Hebe Guardiola-Diaz
  • Berlin: Language and Urban Studies - contact Professor Johannes Evelein
  • China —contact Professor Xiangming Chen
  • Israel: Akko Archeology, Heritage, and History Project—contact Professor Martha Risser
  • Rome, Italy: Five week and Three week Program—contact Michelle Kollen at the OSA, or telephone at 860-297-2387