Summer - Getting Started


If you are interested in studying away during the summer, this is where you can get started.  First, you need to deicide on the program that is right for you.  Will you be going on a Trinity College Summer Program or a non-Trinity program? 

If you are interested in a non-Trinity Summer Program you can proceed to that web page and follow the steps to get started and instructions to ensure a smooth process.

If you are interested in a Trinity College Summer Program, you are in the right place!   Trinity College Summer Program  - Here is the General Brochure.   Every summer Trinity College offers numerous programs with courses in modern languages, art history, neuroscience, Urban Studies and more!  On these web pages you can explore your Trinity Collese summer options and find out where you can earn credit on Trinity faculty-taught courses!

Once you decide on your Trinity College Summer Program, the process is quite simple.  ALL STUDENTS must follow the steps below to make sure your application and acceptance process runs smoothly and you are prepared for departure in the spring!

1) IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - Make an Appointment with an Advisor

If you are tring to decide which Trinity Summer Program to apply to and have academic, program or any other questions, please meet with Michelle Kollen, Summer Program Advisor in the Office of International Programs. You can set up an appointment online by going to this link.

 2) Apply to your Trinity Summer Program

Once you have met with the Summer Program Advisor, you can then apply to your Trinity Summer Program of choice online.  The online application is simple and all summer applications will be online by February 1, 2014.  From the program web page, click on "Apply Now" and complete all the online requirements before you submit your application.  Admissions will be on a rolling basis and the deadline for application is April 1, 2014 for Trinity College Summer Programs. 

 3)  Attend the mandatory pre-departure meeting for your Trinity Summer Program

The pre-departure meeting is generally held the last week of April for all Trinity Summer Programs.  There is a general pre-departure portion and then a portion specific to your Summer Program where you will hear many details and specifics about your upcoming summer!

All non-Trinity students must make an appointment with Michelle Kollen to Skype or voice call about their specific program.  Non-Trinity participants are responsible for going through all pre-departure materials and are encouraged to contact our offices with any questions they may have.

If you are on financial aid, please get in touch with Cary LeGeyt  (extension 2045) in the Financial Aid office with any questions about your specific aid package.

As always, if you are interested in gaining credit toward your major or minor, you must get documented approval for any course taken abroad by the department chair prior to departure of your program.  This rule for major or minor credit applies for Trinity as well as Non-Trinity Summer Programs!  If you have any questions, please contact the OIP at x 2005.