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Trinity College Field School Faculty

Martha Risser
Faculty Director, Trinity College Field School at Akko, Israel
Associate Professor of Classics, Trinity College

Martha Risser, Associate Professor of Classics, teaches courses on ancient art, archaeology, Greek, Latin, and classical civilization. Her scholarly interests focus on Classical art and archaeology, especially Greek pottery. Professor Risser has participated in archaeological projects in Greece, Israel, Turkey, Italy and the United States. Author of CorinthVII,v. Corinthian Conventionalizing Pottery (American School of Classical Studies Publications, Princeton, 2001), she currently conducts research at the Corinthian – controlled sanctuary at the Isthmus in Greece, and at Akko, Israel. See full bio>>

Consortia Faculty Members

Ann E. Killebrew, director of the Akko Archaeological Project in Israel, is an associate professor of archaeology in the Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, the Jewish Studies Program, and the Department of Anthropology at Penn State. She has participated in numerous archaeological expeditions in Israel and co-directs the Landscape Archaeology Project in Cilicia, Turkey. She is a noted expert on cultural interconnections in the eastern Mediterranean region and has authored and co-edited several books and numerous articles.
Michael Sugerman is a lecturer of the Department of Anthropology at UMass Amherst. He has worked on archaeological excavations in Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece. He is currently working on the final publication report for the American Expedition to Idalion (Cyprus) and a book on the Bronze Age in Israel and Palestine.