Information for Returning Students

Welcome Back! The Office of Study Away (OSA) hopes that your study away experience has been valuable to you personally as well as academically.

Grades + Credit

Are you concerned that your grades have not arrived? Please be aware that study away grades take longer to be received and processed. The Registrar’s Office knows to expect your grades to arrive later.
Note that non-Trinity program transcripts should be sent directly to the Registrar’s Office. If you attended a non-Trinity program, please ensure that you have requested that your transcript be sent to the registrar.
Also, if you expect to earn transfer credit for one or more of your classes, please ensure that you have completed or made final changes to your Application for Transfer Credit (blue form) and submitted it with all necessary signatures to the Registrar’s Office. Your credits cannot be posted without this completed document.

Study Away Evaluation

All students who have studied away must complete a study away evaluation before you can access your grades.   
Your honest feedback helps our office monitor the quality of these program and also helps other students wanting to study away in the future.  We thank you for your input.
Upon completion of your semester abroad, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the evaluation via the link provided.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Eleanor Emerson in the Office of Study Away.

Cultural Adjustment

For students returning from abroad, be aware that just as you may have experienced a period of cultural adjustment when you arrived at your program, you may experience reverse culture shock now that you have returned. Readjusting can be difficult, and it is normal to experience some ups and downs, including feelings of depression, frustration, or anxiety. There are ways to alleviate these feelings and incorporate your experiences into your life back home. Here are some suggestions:
  • Keep in contact with those you met during your time away. Send e-mails, pictures, and postcards. Go back and visit if you can or invite new friends to come see you.
  • Get in touch with other students who are returning from studying away and share your experiences. You may find you have very similar feelings and some common interests.
  • Keep a journal. It can be extremely helpful to put your feelings down on paper and reflect on your experiences.
  • Pursue a new hobby or interest related to your study away experience.
  • Think about enrolling in a global course that targets your study abroad experiences in general, or one that focuses on specific aspects of the city/country/culture that you have just come to know. 
  • Keep up your foreign language skills by attending the foreign language lunch tables. 
  • Check out what is playing at Cinestudio. Trinity’s movie house often shows foreign films, many of which are presented in the original language with subtitles.
  •  Join one of Trinity’s clubs with an international twist or think about starting your own. 
  • Consider additional international opportunities, such as another study away program for a semester or summer. Check with the OIP for more information.
  • Consider applying for a global teaching assistantship, internship, or research project that utilizes your study away experience and might earn additional credit for you. For information on internships and international scholarships, contact Anne Lundberg.
  • Consider a career that incorporates your international interests. Talk to faculty in your department about career options and graduate study that will allow you to utilize your intercultural experience.
  • Trinity international program and Rome Campus Returnees: The OIP is looking for global ambassadors to help with study away peer advising, information sessions, and orientations. Contact the Office of Study Away to volunteer or visit us at 66 Vernon Street for more details.
Want further ideas? Check out these useful tips on reentry provided by SIT. 
Welcome back again and best wishes for a great semester. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding your study away experience, please contact the Office of Study Away, ext. 2005.