Urban + Global

We live in an urban-global age.

Over half of our planet’s 7 billion inhabitants live in cities, and that number will increase to 70 percent by the year 2050.  Whether large like São Paulo or small like Hartford, cities are both global economic players and local places of political and social change. Trinity’s urban-global programs let you engage locally and globally with the issues that shape our future.
Center for Urban and Global Studies: This first-of-its-kind center at a liberal arts college is a gateway to academic research and experiential learning opportunities locally, across the U.S., and around the world. This selective program for first-year students takes you on a journey through the multiple facets of cities—past, present, and future—in the U. S. and around the world.
Faculty members design unique courses in partnership with a person or group from the local community to involve students in an experience they could not get in the classroom alone. This interdisciplinary minor can add depth to your major, offering the opportunity to widen your understanding of urban issues and challenges on the local, regional, and global level.
Examine the diversity and interdependence of the world’s peoples and their institutions and the complex cultural, societal, and economic forces at play across the globe. Study abroad in programs designed and taught by Trinity faculty in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Trinidad, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, and Shanghai.
Through student-driven service opportunities and community partnerships, students share their time and talents with our  neighbors. Extend classroom learning and explore a career interest for credit at over 200 organizations in Hartford and in many cities around the globe.
3:30 PM Honors Day
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