Tanaka Research Fund

In 2002 Trinity was awarded a generous grant by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation establishing an endowed fund to allow students to pursue formal research projects abroad, with a special focus on Asia, during the months of July and August. Typically one grant, ranging from $3,000 to $4,000 in total, is awarded each year for the proposal deemed most feasible and relevant to the wider academic interests of the applicant. 

Student projects funded in recent years include:

  • A study of ethnic Lhotshampa refugees in Nepal
  • An exploration of the consequenes of the One Child Policy in China
  • A study of the treatment of orphans in North and South Korea
  • An examination of women's roles in Japan and China through the lens of women's Olympic wrestling
  • An investigation of the social and economic impact of emigration on Fuzhounese villages in China
  • A first-hand study of the impact of large-scale transport infrastructure development leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics on subsequent commuting and residential life in Beijing, China
The due date for the Tanaka Grant application is March 31, 2016

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Questions about the student research fund should be directed to Professor Jeffrey Bayliss (x4018).

Review Committee

The review committee for the student research fund include:

  • Jeffrey Bayliss, Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of History (on leave)
  • Rieko Wagoner, Principal Lecturer in Japanese language
  • Xiangming Chen, Dean of the Center for Urban and Global Studies

Questions can be directed to Jane Switchenko at ext. 2629

Past Winners of the Tanaka Award