Levy Urban Curricular Fund

The Steven D. Levy ’72 Fund for Urban Curricular Programs supports student investigations of a broad range of key urban issues confronting humankind in the 21st century.  Of special interest are projects that highlight the urban realities of the city of Hartford.  Examples of such issues include diasporic communities, educational and health policy, residential segregation, environmental problems, urban art/culture, human rights, and the creation and maintenance of public spaces (both physical and social).  

Levy Research Grants for Urban Studies

All students undertaking investigations of urban issues for a Trinity course, or who are doing similar work under the direct supervision of a Trinity faculty member, are eligible to apply for grants from the Levy Fund to attend conferences, visit libraries, conduct fieldwork, or offset other research-related expenses.

A faculty committee meets each year in April to evaluate applications and to determine the amount of grants, which ordinarily will not exceed $1,000.

We also will consider and encourage joint proposals from two or three students with different majors who can draw from complementary disciplinary expertise to investigate a complex urban topic. For example, a student in environmental science may team up with a history major and a sociology major to examine a particular set of social and ecological consequences of industrialization and then deindustrialization in the Connecticut River Valley for the City of Hartford. Excellent interdisciplinary joint proposals will be funded up to $1,200.

Students awarded grants are expected to make use of their funding by September of the following year, or, in the case of seniors, by graduation, and to submit a report to the Center for Urban and Global Studies describing the activities made possible by the grant.


All 2014 grant applications should be submitted to Rashana Lord at the Center for Urban and Global Studies. The deadline for the Levy Grant is April 10, 2014.


Click here for the Levy Research Grant application form.

The Levy Senior Research Prize for Urban Studies

The Levy Fund also supports an annual prize competition for theses or senior research projects dealing with urban issues.  Eligible work includes theses or other projects based on original research undertaken for a Trinity course or under the supervision of a Trinity faculty member during a student’s senior year.

Nominations of eligible work must be received from the supervising faculty member each year in April. 

First prize will carry a cash award of $400, and second prize an award of $100.

  • Prizes and certificates will be awarded on Honors Day.

The review committee for both the research grant and senior research prize is chaired by Professor Davarian Baldwin and includes Professors Luis Figueroa,  Garth Myers, and Jing Gan. 

Submission of Entries

Levy Prize Nominations deadline is April 16, 2014.  

Nominated papers should be submitted electronically to Rashana Lord at rashana.lord@trincoll.edu.

Congratulations to the 2013 Winners of the Levy Prize:

First Prize

Sarah C. Kacevich '13:  "Accessing Human Rights through Faith-based Social Justice and Cultural Citizenship:  Hartford's Low-income Latino Immigrants"

Second Prize

Monica Roldan-Rodri​guez '13:  "A Mismatched Dubai:  A Glamorous Globalizing City vs. A Contentious Local Identity"

Read the winning theses by clicking on their links above.

Past Winners:


First Prize:  Chang Liu '12:  "Shallow Urbanization in China:  Causes, Impacts and Policy Implications"

Second Prize:  Kate H. Pool '12:  "Quantifying Total Mercury within Fluvial Sediment of the Park River Watershed, Greater Hartford, CT"

Second Prize:  Kelsey A. Semrod '12:  "Geomorphological"


First Prize:  Alexander S. Stein '11:  "Mapping Residential Segregation in Baltimore City"

Second prize:  None


First Prize:  Nicholas A. Bacon '10:  "Lost in Dialectic:  A Critical Introduction to Urban Space in Greater Hartford 1633-2010" 

Second Prize:  Ezra H. Moser '10:  "Re-Imagining Portland, Maine:  Integrating a Refugee Community"


First Prize:  Mary P. Rose '09:  "College Alcohol Policies as Institutional Myth"

Second Prize:  None


First Prize:  Kathryn M.B. Levett '08:  "The Medicalization of the Homeless:  The Impact of the Medical Model on Homeless Individuals and their Recovery"

Second Prize:  Andrea B. Chivakos '08:  "The Right to Faith:  The Role of Faith-based Organizations in the Refugee Resettlement"

To read the essays of our previous winners, please visit the Trinity College Digital Repository.


All questions regarding Levy Research Grants or the Levy Prize competition should be directed to Rashana Lord at rashana.lord@trincoll.edu