Student Projects

CUGS plays a central role in promoting and supporting the varied research projects and engagement activities of Trinity students in the areas of urban and global studies in Hartford and around the world. This page features and celebrates their experiences and accomplishments, especially those that take place through the programs and grants sponsored and administered by the center.

2012 Projects

Trinity College Without Borders (TCWB):  The Community Garden Project

In the 1990s community gardens were flourishing around Hartford. A combination of high unemployment, limited access to fresh vegetables and suboptimal public transportation, led to their creation. Today, community gardens are still active and in demand but a generational divide has been noticed by community stakeholders. Community youth don’t engage with the gardens.

TCWB's goal is to engage students attending the local public and magnet schools in community gardening. By fostering interactions between Trinity College students, community members and public/magnet schools students, TCWB is hoping to build an intergenerational community around the garden and food security issues.
To find out more, please visit their website at:
CUGS Photo Contest
Each year for the past three years, CUGS has hosted a Photography Coompetition.  In 2012, the photo contest was spearheaded by Eleanor Emerson of the Office of International Programs.  The rules for the CUGS Photo Contest are simple - students are asked to submit three original urban or global themed photographs that they took themselves.  Of the entries, 20 are chosen and exhibited in the CUGS first floor space, and three of those 2o are then chosen as first, second, and third prize winners.  This year, we also had the unique opportunity to showcase our students' photography at the Mather Art Space for Family Weekend.  Please click the link below to watch a YouTube video of the pictures that were displayed:


Older Projects

The projects below were conducted during summer 2009, and were presented at Trinity’s inaugural Students Global Research and Engagement Symposium on October 20, 2009, which marked the official second-year anniversary of the center. 

China Summer Urban Studies Program

Student-Initiated Research/Grossman Fund 

Technos Tour Program

African Development Coaliton

Davis Project for Peace

Hemispheric Conference of the Americas in Bogota, Colombia