Silk Road Cities: A Field Investigation of Routes of Trade and Cultural Connections from Ancient Times to the Present

Silk Road Cities 2018

Trade and cultural ties along the ancient Silk Road linked historic cities in China to great urban centers in Central Asia and Europe from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE to 220CE).  China's 'New Silk Road' initiative, launched in 2013, is reinforcing and amplifying the important role of cities in North Central and Western China that were hubs of Silk Road trade as new patterns of cross-border regional development are taking form.  Using a historical approach through a contemporary cultural-geographic lens, the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS) and the Departments of History and Language and Culture Studies will launch a new traveling program to explore the legacy and revival of several Silk Road cities during the summer of 2018.  This program will mark the 10th anniversary of CUGS-organized summer field study in Asia started in 2009.

The program will carry  one course credit in urban studies/history and a 0.5 credit in conversational Chinese, with instruction by four Trinity College professors while traveling China's Silk Road.  The program dates are June 9-28, 2018.  For program brochure, click here.

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