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​Community Learning Sample Courses- 

Organizing by Neighborhood (COLL 206)-
  • In this seminar, each student will do a project/internship at a community organization in Hartford. The rich theoretical literature on how neighborhoods are organized and function and on models of community responses to neighborhood conditions provides a lens through which to evaluate your experiences.
Analyzing Schools (EDUC 200)-
  • This course uses techniques and methods drawn from Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy. Students will observe and participate in nearby K-12 classrooms for three hours per week, which will be integrated with course readings and written assignments.
Urban Politics (POLS 355)-
  • This course will use the issues, institutions, and personalities of the metropolitan area of Hartford to study political power: who has it, and who wants it. Particular attention will be given to forms of local government, types of communities, and the policies of urban institutions. Guest speakers assist each student in preparing a monograph on a local political system.

Arts and Special Populations (THDN 348)-

  • In this seminar, we will investigate the application of the arts to special populations with a focus on, but not limited to, urban youth at risk, the incarcerated and families affected by incarceration, and victims of crime. Students will do a project in the city of Hartford with a nonprofit organization that will include research, observation, and analysis.
Basic Economic Principles (ECON 101)-
  • An introduction to modern economic analysis. A study of the principles of production and exchange, the distribution of income, money and banking, and national income analysis. A community learning component is included.
Intro to Environmental Science (ENVS 149)-
  • An introduction to interrelationships among the natural environment, humans, and the human environment, including the biological, social, economic, technological, and political aspects of current environmental challenges. This course focuses on building the scientific framework necessary to understand environmental issues.
Hispanic Hartford (HISP 208)-
  • This course seeks to place Trinity students in active and informed dialogue with the Hartford region’s large and diverse set of Spanish-speaking communities. The course will help student recognize and analyze the distinct national histories which have contributed to the Hispanic diaspora in the city and the entire northeastern region of the United States.
Intro to World Music (MUSC 113)-
  • A comprehensive survey of global traditions, including village and urban music and dance of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, classical and contemporary music of India, the Far East, Asia, and indigenous traditions of the Americas. This course is designed to highlight the central role of musical expression in human life, exploring musical sound and movement in sacred, secular, ritual, and non-ritual contexts.

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Community Learning Research Fellows Program- 

In September 2011, the Community Learning Initiative launched an exciting pilot program to support student community-based research.  The program, called Crossing Borders: College-Community Partnerships in Research, includes a monthly research colloquium for the student participants and their faculty sponsors.  The colloquium provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, faculty mentoring, and discussion of topics related to community-based work, and also serves as a forum for students to learn from one another and through this process form a community of young scholars.  Designated Community Learning Research Fellows, these students are engaged in projects growing out of CLI courses and community partnerships.  Their research is designed to contribute in meaningful ways to the work of the community partner, and is conducted as part of a course, an independent study, a thesis, or an internship.

Research projects in 2011-2012 include:

  • Achieve Hartford:  Leadership in Hartford Public Schools                                              
  • App Inventor in the K-12 Computing Curriculum
  • Early College High School Partnerships: Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy
  • Park River South Branch – Confluence Sediment Analysis
  • Who Chooses?: A Study of School Choice in Hartford
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CLI Summer Research Grants- 

Students pursuing research projects resulting from community learning courses are encouraged to apply for summer research grants from the Center for Urban and Global Studies. Both the Levy and the Grossman Funds are available to support CLI research topics. Below are the links to the Levy and Grossman fund pages for more information:

Grossman Global Studies Fund

Levy Urban Curricular Fund


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