Faculty Director

Carol Clark
Faculty Director                         
Downes Memorial 301A  
Trinity College                       
Hartford, CT 06106     
(860) 297-2481  


Carlos Espinosa
Director, Trinfo Cafe and Partnerships for Community Learning
Trinfo.Cafe, 1300 Broad Street
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 297-4277

Community Learning Initiative Advisory Group (CLIAG)

The Community Learning Initiative is guided by a group of faculty and administrators who provide advice and counsel to the faculty coordinator and administrative staff. CLIAG members are:

  • Dina Anselmi

  • Joe Barber

  • Alison Draper

  • Andrea Dyrness

  • Carlos Espinosa

  • Jonathan Gourley

  • Laura Holt

  • Dan Lloyd

  • David Tatem

  • Jim Trostle

  • Homayra Ziad