The Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS) plays a central role in advancing Trinity College’s strategic mission of integrated urban and global education on campus, in Hartford, and globally. The first center of its kind at a top liberal arts college in the United States, CUGS promotes curricular initiatives, research projects, and civic engagement with a broad urban and global focus by working closely with the departments and programs at Trinity, a variety of organizations in the city of Hartford, and international partners.

The center integrates urban and global studies and programs in a way that marks Trinity's distinctive identity as a leading urban liberal arts college with a global footprint.


Officially inaugurated in October 2007 through a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the center has also been generously supported by donors to the Trinity College Mellon Challenge for Urban and Global Studies.

CUGS is the result of extensive discussion, planning, and self-studies among Trinity’s board of trustees, senior leadership, faculty committees, and students. It constitutes one of Trinity’s top strategic priorities and reflects a broad consensus for achieving an integrated urban-global studies mission. At the core of this mission lies Trinity's unique links between academic programs on campus, experiential and service learning in the city of Hartford, and extended educational opportunities in the world.

Since its founding in 1823, Trinity has offered an excellent classical liberal arts education to generations of students in its historic classroom buildings, with relatively little engagement with the outside world. In recent decades the College has worked more closely with its neighbors in the city of Hartford, to the benefit of both.  

As the world beyond Trinity rapidly becomes more urbanized and globalized, the College's concept of a traditional liberal arts education has been challenged to encompass a more urban-global view. To realize Trinity’s new vision, the College created CUGS. Taking advantage of Trinity’s location, CUGS strengthens the long-standing relationship between the College and Hartford, and the wider world.  

Today, Trinity augments its tradition of liberal arts excellence with an integrated urban-global initiative, creating an educational environment that extends classroom learning into Hartford, and to cities around the world, bringing both academic knowledge and practical experience back into the classroom.


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