Student Workers

For the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Liu, Xinyi, '17:  Since starting with the Cities Program in my freshman year, I have enjoyed the experience of studying cities in historical, social, and architectural perspectives. Throughout the school year, discussions I had with the professors and other members in the program furthered my enthusiasm in studying world cities. Later in the school year, I began working with a small group of students on the Asian Cities research project at the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS). Coming from Beijing, I found it interesting to examine cities closer to home and far away at a deeper level. Starting this year, I am working with Tom Rice to  co-ordinate the Global Vantage Point Lecture Series started by former a former visiting scholar at CUGS and a Trinity student. Also, we have just begun working on building a new student urban research website that will be a pioneering experience for us. I am grateful for the opportunity to be  involved in CUGS and look forward to see some results of our current projects.

Rice, Thomas, '17:  I am enjoying many opportunities to be involved with the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS), starting with my enrollment in the Cities Program last year. When I first learned about the Cities Program, I knew it would be something geared toward my interests. I’ve enjoyed studying our local urban environment here in Hartford and comparing it to my hometown of Providence, RI. I have learned a lot about American cities, and about cities across the world. This past summer I went to China with the CUGS program studying sustainable urban development in Shanghai and the Yangtze Delta Region. Now I am involved in the Asian Cities research project, working with Ellen Liu coordinating the Global Vantage Point Lecture Series, and developing a new student urban research website. I’m really glad to be involved in these learning opportunities that connect my Trinity education closely to the Hartford community and some world cities.