Information for Visiting International Scholars

Welcome to Trinity College!  We know how stressful and difficult it can be getting started in a new country and a new culture.  Below, the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS) and the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) have provided information to assist you with everything from getting a Social Security Number to accessing bus schedules.  We hope that you find this page useful as you acclimate to Trinity College and Hartford, CT.  

​​Arriving on Campus:       

Before arriving, you will have received an email with instructions on how to get to campus either from the train station, bus station, or airport, and advise you of where to go on campus when you arrive.  If you arrive during the day, you will meet either the Dean of the Center for Urban and Global Studies, or his designee if he is unavailable on the day you arrive.  You will be given the key to your apartment and be given a brief tour of your office by that individual.  If, however, you arrive late at night, you will need to go to Campus Safety to pick up the keys, and one of the officers will direct you to your apartment.  

If you do not have a Social Security Number (SS#), you will need to go to the Social Security Administration building the day after you arrive to apply for one (see below for instructions on getting a SS#).  Usually, you can go twenty-four (24) hours later and recieve the number.  Your card should arrive two (2) weeks after you apply.  

Once you have a SS#, you will then need to visit Human Resources to complete your employment paperwork.  Twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours after Human Resources enters your information into PeopleSoft (Trinity's employee database), you will  be able to get  your Trinity ID card, your Trinity PAC code (for door access), and your Trinity username and password for access to Trinity's email and computing systems.  Someone in the office you have been assigned to will assist you with getting these. Please be aware that your PAC code and/or Trinity ID will need to be programmed to those doors and areas that you have been authorized to access. Your PAC code and/or Trinity ID will usually be programmed within a week. 

About the Greater Hartford Area:

Located just two hours from Boston and New York City, Hartford is an historic New England city that is one of the region’s most important cultural and business centers. For the Trinity community, Hartford is our extended campus, offering art, theater, eclectic food, free festivals, shopping, internship opportunities, and meaningful community involvement.  



When you arrive at Trinity, you may find the need for a banking instituion.  Below are some banking insitutions located in Hartford.  Visit their websites to determine which would be best for you.

Bank of America - (ATMs located on campus)

People's United Bank -

Santander Bank - (ATMs located on campus)

Webster Bank -


Hartford is home to some amazing cultural attractions, including theater, museums, and music halls.  Visit the page below to see all that Hartford has to offer.

Hartford Has

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes: 

If you're interested in ESL classes, you may obtain them at Capital Community College located at 950 Main Street, Hartford, CT.  For additional information, please visit their webpage. 

Captial Community College -

The Hartford Public Library -

Goodwin College -

Obtaining a Driver’s License:

If you're interested in obtaining a Connecticut driver's licence, a great place to start is with the checklist from the OISS, and then visit the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles webpage.   Please note - Noncitizens are allowed to drive in CT provided that they have a valid out of country driver’s license and an International Driver’s Permit obtained from their home country.

Obtaining a Social Security Number: 

When you arrive at Trinity College, you will need to obtain a Social Security number (SS#), and provide that number to Human Resources.  Below are some resources to assist you with that process. 

OISS Checklist -               

OISS How to Apply -

Social Security Administration


The Charter Oak Marketplace on Flatbush Avenue is just a short distance away from Trinity College.  Here, you will find retail stores, fast food restaurants, and so much more.  Visit the following website to see what businesses are located there. 

Charter Oak Marketplace:

Tax Resources:

You may have to file income taxes by April 15th of every year.  Please find below information from OISS to assist with getting your taxes done.

It is important to know how to get around town.  Below are three resources that can help you get around Hartford.  

Connecticut Transit -

Yellow Cab -

Zipcar at Trinity

Transportation - Travel:

There may be times when you will need to travel out of Connecticut.  The following are resources that can help you with traveling.


Bradely International Airport - Windsor Locks, CT -

John F. Kennedy International Airport - Queens, NY -

LaGuardia Airport - Queens, NY -

Bus Service:

Greyhound Bus Lines - Hartford, CT - 

Peter Pan Bus Lines -  Hartford, CT  -          

Train Service:

Amtrak - Hartford, CT - www.amtrak .com