Course Development Grants

On behalf of the Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS), we are pleased to announce that course development grants are now available to support the development of new or revised courses with an urban content and focus to be taught in the 2013-14 academic year. These grants, in the amount of $1,000 each, are intended to stimulate new faculty interest in participating in and contributing to the development of a diverse and integrated urban curriculum at Trinity. The grant may be used to support work in syllabus development or revision, purchase of materials, travel, and/or collaboration among faculty.  We anticipate funding three proposals this year. 

Over the last couple of years, CUGS has made the development of a new urban curriculum a priority. We have worked with a number of tenured and tenure-track faculty, as well as with the three postdoctoral fellows hosted by the Center thus far, to offer new urban courses and to strengthen the urban focus of some existing courses.  As a result, around 20 new or revised urban-themed courses have been added to what was offered before.  Read the compiled list of urban courses for each of the past several semesters.  Faculty interested in applying for the grant can consult these lists. 

For this round of urban course development grants, we welcome proposals from all faculty, including new hires to begin in the 2012-13 academic year. While preference will be given to the creation of urban new courses including Community Learning (CLI) courses, revisions to existing courses are also welcome. Faculty may also want to consider applying for this grant to develop a traveling or field-based urban-themed course to be offered in summer 2013. As an experiment, we may also award a larger grant to a joint proposal from two faculty members in two of the three broad divisions (arts/humanities, social sciences, and sciences).  

Application Guidelines 

Send a proposal that includes: 

  • Your contact information

  • Title of course, one-paragraph catalog description, and semester to be offered (2012-2013)

  • Student audience (e.g., majors, non-majors; intro or upper-level) and projected course enrollment

  • 1-2 page description of: 1) the urban component to be added or revised; 2) what makes the proposed course interesting, distinctive, and challenging; and 3) how this course will contribute to the development of an urban curriculum at Trinity

  • Proposed budget 

If you have previously taught this course, please attach a copy of the current syllabus. If you are developing a new course, please provide enough descriptive detail about the course to allow us to understand the urban content and structure. For questions or help developing your proposal, contact Xiangming Chen or Anne Lundberg at the Center for Urban and Global Studies. Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee at CUGS. 

DEADLINE:  Please visit this page again for the deadline date. 

2012 Recipients

Stephanie Chambers, Department of Political Science:  "Contemporary Issues in Urban Reform"

Emilie Dressaire, Department of Engineering:  "Trinity College without Borders"

Seth Markle, Department of History and International Studies Program:  "The 5 Elements:  Hip Hop Aesthetic Practices and Active Learning"

Garth Myers, Urban Studies, International Studies Program:  "Sustainable Urban Development"

All of the above courses are Community Learning Initiative courses.