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CUGS Arts Initiative

Call for Proposals - The deadline for the Spring 2016 semester is January 19, 2016

The Center for Urban and Global Studies (CUGS), under the direction of Dean Xiangming Chen, has provided funding to highlight creative expression that engages urban and global themes and also forges stronger connections between the communities of Hartford and students, faculty and staff at Trinity. Although the Arts Initiative has a modest budget, it is the largest single allotment of unrestricted funds within the CUGS budget.  As part of this process, the CUGS Arts Committee is issuing a call for proposals that fulfill these goals.  For the Academic Year 2015-2016, there will be a call for proposals for both the Fall  2015 semester and the Spring  2016 semester.   Any member of the Trinity faculty (including those retired) may submit a proposal. To encourage the widest possible range of ideas, the CUGS Arts Committee will not define the types of fundable projects further, other than to specify they should meet the following criteria:

  1. Use of the arts (any media) to engage global/urban issues, particularly those in which global issues are reflected within the communities of Hartford.
  2. Demonstrate a reciprocal collaboration between Trinity and Hartford constituencies. As stated above: the project should forge, through the arts, a deeper and more vital connection between the communities of Hartford and the students, faculty, and staff at Trinity. 
  3. Increase the visibility and accessibility of the arts on campus and in the community, leveraging the College’s artistic and educational resources while showcasing fresh artistic perspectives and Trinity’s dynamic role within the arts, culture and community building landscape of Hartford.  
  4. Demonstrate the potential to serve as an innovative model for future projects and/or possess the potential for further growth and far-reaching impact that can be sustained over time (with the potential for additional future funding).

The committee retains the right to not fund any proposal in the unlikely event that no proposals meet the criteria.

Preliminary proposals should include:  

  1. ​A short narrative project description that addresses each of the criteria discussed above and includes a plan for assessing the success of the project.  
  2. Amount requested.  
  3. A preliminary time-line and budget. A list of individual and institutional project participants and their roles (these items may be integrated into the project narrative).

The committee will request additional information from a select group of proposals, including a budget summary, letters of commitment from relevant Hartford organizations, biographies of participants, etc. Grant proposals must be submitted via email to   

PLEASE NOTE:  The Committee will consider any project or event scheduled to take place in Fall 2016.