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TEXTS and PLACES: A Workshop

Sponsored by the Center for Urban and Global Studies
Trinity College
October 9-10, 2010

The invention of writing, and later of printing, turned texts into objects that could travel as far as people. And like people, texts talk about where they're from. As digital media unmoor texts from the material realm, physical texts began to seem more closely tied to physical places. This workshop takes our new situation as an opportunity to explore texts' creative relationships with places: places where texts are made; places that are imagined or brought into being by texts; places that texts connect to and locate in the world.

Abstracts - Click on the links to read the abstact

Francis Cody, University of Toronto 
Echoes of the Street in a Tamil Newspaper

Kelda Jamison, University of Chicago 
A Language Community of Non-Readers: Textual Circulation in Kurdish Turkey

Julia Goesser, Trinity College 
A Lost Public Sphere: Salons and Women’s Letters in 18th Century Germany

Ellen Gruber Garvey, New Jersey City University
Nineteenth-Century Abolitionists and the Databases they Created

Barbara Sicherman, Trinity College 
New Books, New Lives: Jewish Immigrant Women, Reading and, Identity

Bryan Sinche, University of Hartford
Men without a Country: Seafaring and National Belonging in American Literature

Homayra Ziad, Trinity College
Text as Place in the Sufi Pedagogy of Khvājah Mīr Dard

Ellison Findly, Trinity College
The Imagined Geography of Funeral Cloths - The Textile as Text in Northern Laos