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Budget Committee

The SGA Budget Committee hears funding requests for events and expenditures related to student organizations, including, but not limited to: conferences, workshops, apparel, speakers, membership dues, travel expenses, food, performers, etc. Below are some helpful links regarding requesting funds from the SGA Budget Committee.

  • At a glance: Download the SGA Financial Request Form, fill in all required fields, write a cover letter explaining the event and the breakdown of costs, then email both the form and cover letter to the SGA Finance Secretary
    • You will be given a date, time and location for your budget hearing so that you can present your request and answer any questions the commitee may have. 
  • At a glance: All undergraduate students pay a Student Activities Fee equal to approximately one percent of the cost of tuition each academic year. This fee is controlled and allocated be the SGA Budget Committee. The Budget Committee allocates funds to recognized student organizations and individual students at their own discretion.
For a comprehensive description on requesting funds for your organization, please visit the Student Government Association (SGA) Finance page at