Starting an Organization

Official recognition of an undergraduate student organization is the acknowledge­ment by the College that the organization: has an existence at Trinity; is allowed to charge fees; to seek funding or other assistance from sources outside of the College; and to request various considerations, such as the opportunity to use College facilities and services and, when appropriate, the name and the tax­ exempt status of the College.

To become a recognized student organization, the organization must have the approval of the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.), and the approval of the Student Government Association (SGA). For specific categories of student organizations, the campus offices below must approve the organization before approval is given by S.A.I.L./SGA:

  • Religious student organizations - Allison Read, College Chaplain 
  • Intramural sports/recreation organizations - Kathy Kilcoyne, Athletics Recreation Coordinator
  • Greek organizations/Social houses - Timothy Dunn​, Associate Director of Student Services for Social Houses

Steps to Starting an Organization

  1. Students interested in starting a new organization at Trinity College must meet with a S.A.I.L. staff member before receiving the Registration Packet and submitting their materials for review. The staff member will discuss:
    • ​​The history of the organization in question (if inactive);
    • Whether or not the organization would fit under the umbrella of a currently active organization;
    • The purpose and goals of the new organization and if they meet the mission of Trinity College; and,
    • Whether or not there is enough student interest in the new organization.
  2. ​Student Organization Recognition Packets and application materials for recognition may be obtained from the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.), located in Mather 107, or downloaded here.
  3. Completed applications must be submitted to the S.A.I.L. office by the following deadlines:
    • ​​Fall semester  - September, 25, 2015
    • Spring semester - February 5, 2016
  4. Within five (5) business days after receiving an application, the S.A.I.L. office will determine whether it is complete and whether the proposed student organization submitting it conforms to these regulations and requirements.
  5. If the organization seeks funding from the Student Activities Fee, the completed application will be forwarded to the President, Vice President, and Finance Chair of SGA. At the next SGA meeting, all S.A.I.L. approved applicants will be invited before the SGA for recognition and budget approval. The action may be one of three:
    • ​​a recommendation to the SGA to approve the organization;
    • a recommendation to deny approval; or
    • a recommendation to the organization that it make particular changes in its proposal and come to the next SGA meeting having addressed any changes necessary.

If an organization has been approved, they will be provided information related to: budget, INsite webpage setup, training, and more.

Next Steps:
  • ​ The S.A.I.L. office will confirm that all officers listed are enrolled at least half-time, are in good academic standing, and that the advisor listed is an active faculty or staff member of Trinity College. Organizations will receive email notification if there are any issues with their reactivation information.
  • Update your organization’s contact information and roster on INsite.
  • Make sure your organization’s constitution is available for viewing/download on INsite.
  • Ensure that your organization’s President and Treasurer attend a mandatory training with the S.A.I.L. office.
  • Update INsite, as well as the S.A.I.L. office, if you have any changes in membership or in your executive board throughout the year.
  • Have regular check-ins with your organization’s advisor to stay up-to-date on any communications they may receive from the S.A.I.L. office and to keep them up-to-date regarding programs, events and your organization’s budget.
  • Pass along any and all information you receive from the S.A.I.L. office and SGA to your organization’s membership.
If your student organization application was not approved, we recommend that you take the notes provided by the S.A.I.L. office and SGA regarding the issues/challenges with approving the organization as-is and restructure your application in time for the next approval period at the start of the next semester.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.) at, (860) 297-2171, or visit our office in Mather Hall, Room 107. 

New Student Organization Registration Packet - Includes the President, Treasurer & Advisor Acknowledgements

Blank Student Organization Constitution - Must be updated on file with the S.A.I.L. Office every four (4) years. If an organization's constitution has not been updated within that timeframe, the S.A.I.L. Office will notify the organization when they pick up their Activation Packet. 

Student Organization Roster - New organizations must show that there is a need for their organization on campus. Packets will not be accepted without at least 20 members listed on the roster.