Proper Use of Funds

To ensure the proper handling of funds, the Student Activities Involvement and Leadership (SAIL) office has established the following protocols in regards to credit card purchases, reimbursements, transfer of funds, cash boxes, Bantam Bucks Machines, fundraising, and donations. 

Julie Graves, Business Manager for the SAIL office, is the staff member that you will most likely be working with when it comes to any and all financial aspects of your student organization. Her office is located in Mather 107 and her phone number is (860) 297-2171. Julie's office hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Please make every effort to make an appointment wiht Julie instead of dropping in to the office as she will be better able to assist you that way. 

Please visit to access all SGA financial forms.​

​Corporate Credit Card Purchases

  • Purchases on-line or by phone are done by Julie Graves during office hours only.
  • ​Organizations must have enough money in their account at the time of purchasing.
  • Items purchased on-line must be done in our office, on our computer, by our staff.
  • To order food for a meeting or event:
    • ​Call the restaurant and order the food. Tell the restaurant that the College will call back to pay with a credit card.
    • Email or make an appointment with Julie to make the purchase. 
      • Note: Julie leaves at 3:00 PM each day and does not work on Fridays.
    • You MUST return all itemized receipts to Julie the very next day.


Please remember that it can take 2-3 weeks to process your request once it is submitted with all the necessary documentation and signatures.

  • Please retrieve an SGA Check Request Form from the SAIL office (hard copies only).  Fill out the form completely.  
  • If you paid in cash:
    • You must fill out the SGA Check Request Form and attach your original itemized receipt showing exactly what was purchased (not just a short slip showing the transaction).
  • If you paid by debit card:
    • You must fill out an SGA Check Request Form and attach your original itemized receipt showing exactly what was purchased (not just a short slip showing the transaction).
    • If it does not read "debit" you must follow the rules for credit card purchases.  
  • If you paid by credit card:
    • You must fill out an SGA Check Request Form and attach an original itemized receipt showing exactly what was purchased (not just a short slip showing the transaction).
    • You must also provide a copy of your credit card statement showing those charges on your credit card (you may black out all other transactions).

Reimbursements cannot be made for any type of services (e.g. massage therapists, caricaturist, etc.).  All service payments must be made directly by Trinity via college-issued check, accompanied by a contract.

Transfer of Funds

  • If your organization wants to transfer funds from one club to another, fill out an SGA Check Request/Transfer Form.
  • On the top of the form write down the name of the organization that is transferring the funds, your name and the date.
  • Select "Transfer of Funds" on the form and identify where you want the funds transferred to/from. Please complete all account numbers. Once the form is completed, attach any emails that pertain to this transfer if possible and drop it back off in the SAIL office.
    • ​Please inform Julie Graves when a department/s transfer funds into your account, as she will need to check a separate database in order for those funds to show up on your organization's INsite budget.

​Cash Box

  • ​Log-in to INsite using your Trinity username and password.
  • ​Click on "Campus Links" on the top right of the homepage.
  • Click on "Cash Box Form."
  • Once you have filled out the form and submitted it, Debbie Cook will let you know when your cash box is available to be picked up. Please note that the request must be made 48 hours in advance.
  • When you pick up and return your cash box, you will need to complete the Cash Box Form to account for all of the funds collected.

​Petty Cash: 

Note: There is a $100 limit, per organization, at any one time. All receipts must be reconciled before another petty cash will be approved for the organization. If your organization needs more than this, please talk to either Romulus Ferrer Perez, Laura Rogalski, or Timothy Dunn (social houses and greek organizations only) to look into alternatives

  • ​Log-in to INsite using your Trinity username and password.​
  • Click on "Campus Links" on the top right of the homepage.
  • Click on "Petty Cash Form."
  • Once you have filled out the form and submitted it, Debbie Cook will check your account to make sure you have adequate funds.  She will then get in touch with you when your petty cash is ready.

Other Financial Forms & Resources: ​

Tax Exempt Form

  • Trinity College has a tax exempt certificate that allows the College to make tax free purchases.
  • ​For large purchases ($200.00 or more), contact Julie Graves at to see if you are eligible to use the tax exempt certificate.  All purchases over $100 should be done through the corporate credit card or the invoicing process.

Bantam Bucks Machines:

  • The SAIL office has two Bantam Bucks machines that can be used at several locations throughout campus.
  • ​Please e-mail Romulus Ferrer Perez in order to reserve a machine.


  • All funds donated to or collected by an organization MUST be deposited immediately into the student organization's account.  No organization member should hold on to money on the organization's behalf.
  • ​​Off campus bank accounts are not allowed for any student organization.
  • Organization Treasurer's will need to request that the SGA Treasurer​ carryover their fundraising/revenue accounts when they re-register their organization at the end of the school year. Otherwise, the funds rollover into the SGA general funds account for the next academic year.

Off Campus Sponsors and Donations

  • In order to request sponsorship from a company or non-profit organization outside of Trinity College, you must go through Amy Brough at in the Development Office. 
    • ​The College does this in order to limit the number of donation requests the College makes from each organization.  In addition, there are tax guidelines that need to be followed.