When booking a performance, outside vendor, etc., a contract will usually have to be written. To minimize individual liability and ensure that the contract falls within Trinity's guidelines, please keep the following points in mind when planning your event.

Steps to Booking an Artist/Vendor:

  1. Research artists, vendors and their prices.
    • If you need help finding vendors, management agencies, etc. please visit the Student Activities Involvement and Leadership (SAIL) office or email either Laura Rogalski or Romulus Ferrer Perez for assistance.​
    • You should have a few dates/locations in mind so that you have options to offer them if your first option is not available. 
  2. Submit an event request form through INsite to start the process of reserving your location.
  3. Request a quote and contact information for artist/vendor with the date and location of the event confirmed from the SAIL office. 
    • ​​​You may ask for estimated costs* and available dates. Important: You are NOT officially requesting a contract. 
    • Be sure to ask if the prices are ALL INCLUSIVE or if travel, hotel, etc. are EXTRA.*
    • DO NOT VEBALLY COMMIT or request a contract.  That would create a "verbal agreement" that could hold you financially responsible for the amount discussed.
  4. ​​Set up a meeting with either Romulus Ferrer Perez or Laura Rogalski. In this meeting, you will discuss the plan for the event and, at this time, you should have funding in place. 
    • Note: A contract will NOT be requested until ALL funding is confirmed and in place for your event.
  5. Either Romulus or Laura will contact the artist's manager or the vendor to make an official offer and request an official contract on behalf of the College. 
    • ​​If the artist/vendor does not have a contract, Trinity College has a general contract that we can send out. 
  6. The SAIL office will review the contract, request any changes, and a designated Trinity College administrator will sign off on the contract and return it to the artist/vendor for their final approval.
    • Note: There are only a handful of designated contract signers approved to sign contracts on behalf of Trinity College so this process takes a few business days to complete.  Any contract not signed by a College designee may risk not being approved for payment. 
  7. Once the final contract is returned, a check request must be completed in order to start production of payment. 
    • Note: The College does NOT pay in advance of a performance/event date, except in very rare circumstances. Payment will always be made in the form of a College-issued check immediately following the performance/event.
​Patience is necessary because this entire process from initial research to the performance date usually takes a minimum of three weeks. If you do not follow this timeline, your performer/vendor risks delayed payment, you risk not having your ideal date/location available, and you risk having to postpone or cancel your event.

*Additional Costs Relating to Artist/Vendor Contracts:

Tech Rider:  Artists/Vendors will state what they physically need for the performance/event, including: speakers, microphones, monitors, light, instruments, performance space, stage, etc.

  • ​​Production
    • Event Support:  For small events, Event Support may be able to fulfill a technical rider for no additional expense.
    • Third Party Vendor:  Oftentimes, Trinity College will need to subcontract with a third party vendor (i.e.: Power Posse) for the event.  This cost varies due to the equipment needs, duration, and size of event. Typically this cost ranges from $1000.00-$3500.00.
  • ​​Backline:  Some riders request that instruments be provided.  The College does not have instruments to be borrowed.   Therefore you will need to rent instruments.  That cost is dependent on what and how many instruments need to be rented.
Hospitality Rider:  Artists will state what they want in their dressing room, what kind and how many hotel rooms they want, meals, etc.
  • Hotels:  Hotels should be booked through Julie Graves in the SAIL office. Trinity College receives a corporate rate of $89 per room per night at the Holiday Inn Express on Airport Road.
  • ​​Alcohol:  The College does NOT provide alcohol for any rider.
  • ​​Food/Beverages: Student organizations are expected to fulfill all approved food and drink related requests on the hospitality rider.
  • ​​Transportation:  Contracts may necessitate that the College pay for flights, buses, trains, or taxis to and from show. This can be a very expensive cost so booking local acts is a good way to keep costs down.


  • Connecticut has a 6.7% Entertainment Tax on all artists who charge more than $1000.00 (with the exception of DJ's).
  • Unless the contract specifies that the contract amount includes this tax, your organization will need to cover this extra expense.

Additional Questions? If you have any additional questions, please request an appointment with Romulus Ferrer Perez or Laura Rogalski