Starting a New Student Organization

Recognition of Undergraduate Student Organizations

Official recognition of an undergraduate student organization is the acknowledge­ment by the College that the organization has an existence at Trinity.  Is allowed to charge fees; to seek funding or other assistance from sources outside of the College; and to request various considerations, such as the opportunity to use College facilities and services and, when appropriate, the name and the tax­ exempt status of the College.

To become a recognized student organization, the organization must have the approval of the Office of Student Activities (OSA)​, and, if funds are to be sought from the Student Activities Fee, the approval of the Student Government Association​. For religious student organizations, the College Chaplain must first grant approval.

  1. Student Organization Registration Forms and Application Materials for recognition may be obtained from the OSA Main Office in Mather 107. 

  2. Completed applications may be submitted to the OSA at any time after September 1st  in the Fall Term but no later than April 1st  in the Spring Term.

  3. Within twenty business days after receiving an application, the OSA will determine whether it is complete and whether the proposed student organization submitting it conforms to these regulations and requirements.

  4.  If the organization seeks funding from the Student Activities Fee, the completed application will be forwarded to the President and Executive Vice President of SGA. Within fifteen days (vacation periods excluded) of receiving notice from the OCL, the President and Executive Vice President will place the application and related papers before the SGA for action. The action may be one of three:

      1. ​ a recommendation to the SGA legislature to approve the organization;

      2. a recommendation to deny approval;

      3. a recommendation to the organization that it make particular changes in its proposal.

After a recommendation that the SGA approve an organization is passed from the President and Executive Vice President, copies of their recommendation, the applica­tion, and supporting papers are to be provided to each member of the SGA legisla­ture so that it may be voted upon.

Application for Recognition

In order to apply for recognition, an organization must complete a Student Organization Registration Form and attach a constitution, OSA can provide a listing of all required items for the constitution. The registration form and constitution should be submitted to the OSA in Mather Hall 107.