Banquet is Trinity College’s non-denominational Christian student fellowship and worship community. We get together weekly for a lively and informal worship service that includes prayer, scripture, spiritual reflection, and contemporary worship songs—all lead by students—as well as holy communion with Chaplain Read. We follow all this up with snacks and time to catch up. Once in a while we head off campus to our favorite diner for a late night feast.

Where else would we meet but the Friendship Chapel? Join us there, inside the main Chapel, at 9:30 p.m. every Tuesday. Banquet leaders and students Megan Baxter and Elizabeth Bilfinger urge you to “come for fun, fellowship, and furthering your relationship with Christ.”

Arrive early, late, as you are, and bring a friend. All are welcome whenever you can make it.

For more information, contact Lisley DaSilva ( or Jocelyn Redding (​).