Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language

“Only a small subset of the nation’s liberal arts colleges offers a Jewish studies program. We’ve assembled an enormously varied and talented faculty, a superb library, and an impressively diverse set of courses for the study of Jewish history, literature, politics, and religion.”

—Professor Ronald Kiener, director, Jewish studies program

In spring of 1998, Trinity established a major in Jewish studies—a secular, multi-disciplinary investigation of Jewish civilization from its ancient Near Eastern origins through contemporary life in Israel and the Diaspora communities around the world. The program builds on the College’s longstanding strengths in Jewish studies and provides students with learning opportunities. Trinity faculty members who teach courses in Jewish studies include nationally and internationally distinguished scholars.

Sample course offerings in the major include:

  • Modern Jewish History

  • Jews in America

  • The Holocaust

  • Jewish Mysticism

  • Jewish Issues in Western Music

  • Gender and Identification in the Jewish Experience

  • Jewish Philosophy

  • Interests and Positions in the Arab/Israeli Conflict

  • Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World

Courses in Modern and Biblical Hebrew are also offered at beginning through
advanced levels. Please click here click here to visit the Trinity College Jewish Studies site.