Message From The Dean of Students

Trinity is a selective, residential, liberal arts college and each of those three ideas is important.  Students compete to attend Trinity by demonstrating a history of accomplishment and genuine engagement that promises they can contribute to the intellectual, civic, and social life of the campus and community around us; and we expect that students who come here will follow through on those promises and make their positive mark here.  We are residential because we believe that your education takes place in all walks of your life and at all times of the day.  Starting or leading a club or house, competing in intercollegiate athletics, bringing a newspaper in on deadline, or helping a local child learn to read are all experiences that teach invaluable lessons about ourselves and others.  Our commitment to the liberal arts is based on a shared notion that an education should provide the tools one will need to continue learning throughout life and that the approaches to learning are more important than the subject matter.  In simpler language, a good education prepares you to figure life out, adapt to changes, learn new ideas and technologies, understand others, and find the good and bad in people, ideas, and situations.  When you put the three important ideas in the first sentence together with Trinity‚Äôs  faculty, staff and campus resources the effect is extraordinary.

Frederick Alford
Dean of Students