Pre-Orientation Programs for 2017

Get on campus early and make new and lasting friendships! Sign up for one of our many pre-orientation programs.
All first-year students will roll into regular orientation starting on Thursday, August 31, 2017.​​


Start your Trinity College journey with a wilderness adventure on Quest.


10 DAY Backpacking & Climbing, August 20-30, Cost: $600

4 Day Backpacking, August 20-24 & August 26-30, Cost: $375

4 Day Backpacking & Climbing, August 20-24 & August 26-30, Cost: $375

4 Day Rock Climbing, August 20-24 & August 26-30, Cost: $375.

Venture Trinity:

Venture Trinity is a three-day leadership conference for women of the Class of 2021.

Dates: August 24 (midday) - August 26, 2017

Cost: $200 


(Promoting Respect for Inclusive Diversity in Education)

The P.R.I.D.E Welcome Weekend is a three-day program primarily designed to help students of color and international students become acquainted the campus and make a successful transition to Trinity's academic and social environment.

Dates: August 26 - 28

Cost: No charge


First-Generation Pre-Orientation is three-day success program designed to acquaint first-generation students — the first in their family to pursue a four-year college degree — with the college experience and the Trinity community. 

During the pre-orientation program, students will engage in workshops and activities that will refine the skills necessary for achieving academic excellence, developing goals and study strategies, and flourishing personally. Current first-generation college students at Trinity will serve as peer mentors and will share their deep knowledge and experiences within the Trinity community. Participants will also have a chance to connect to essential resources across campus, internship and career planning, and on-campus work opportunities and to meet and engage with first-generation faculty and administrators.​ For more information, please contact Jennifer Baszile, Interim Director of Career Development.

Dates: August 28-30, 2017

Cost: No charge


Bantam Beginnings:

Trinity's Bantam Beginnings, eight different two-day programs are offered, run by faculty, staff, and student leaders, that will appeal to a variety of interests.

Dates: August 28 - 30, 2017

Cost: $100 per student (fee waivers possible)


Q: Why should I participate in a pre-orientation program?
A: You'll be able to meet new friends and learn about the Trinity community earlier than those who arrive later in the week.

Q: If I come early for a pre-orientation program, can my parents come back for Convocation?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Can I do more than one pre-orientation program?
A: Yes - please refer to the chart below.

Q: Where will I live during pre-orientation?
A: You'll be able to move into your assigned residence hall room, so you'll get an early start on setting up your new living space and making yourself comfortable in your new surroundings.

Q: Are meals provided?
A: Yes!

Q: What if there is a gap in time between the programs I'd like to do?
A: Unless you are an international student, you can't stay on campus in between programs. You may choose to go home or stay with someone off campus.​​​​​


Trinity has created a schedule that will allow you to choose your pre-orientation experience with ease. Students may select more than one program and flow from one directly into another.

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