Bantam Beginnings Program Descriptions 2017

Trinity College Bantam Beginnings Pre-Orientation Program Descriptions Fall 2017

Amazing Race Hartford
Participants in this two-day program will get an exciting introduction to Hartford by competing with classmates in the Amazing Race Hartford on day one followed by a  bus tour of Hartford’s diverse neighborhoods on day two. Teams will navigate the city searching for clues that provide them opportunities to meet local leaders and learn about the city’s rich arts scene, its history, state and city government, career opportunities and vibrant nightlife. Hartford is a great place to live, work and play and this program will give participants an exciting experiential introduction to their new home city .

Community Service Program
Participants will have the opportunity to work on service projects organized with a number of our community partners.  In so doing, participants will not only provide assistance on community-identified projects, but also meet some of the people who work every day to make Hartford a great place. Last year’s program included projects that touched on issues of food insecurity, arts, community gardens, housing, and neighborhood development.

The program will be led by students from JELLO (January Experience for Living, Learning, and Outreach), which, among other activities, organizes a week-long January service project, weekly volunteering at a food pantry, biweekly work at an AIDS residence, and about a half-dozen Saturday service projects each semester. 

Hartford's Architecture, Ethnic Culture & Cuisines
Come explore the architectural history, ethnic cultures and cuisines of the City of Hartford. Participants will be introduced to the neighborhoods of 'The Heartbeat' and learn about the relationship between their histories and Trinity College's unique identity- being an elite liberal arts college in a capital city. Students will enjoy meeting community leaders and Trinity alumni while learning about their new city's architecture, culture and delicious food!​

Hartford by Bike 
Hartford is a small city, easily traversed by bicycle, and hence the best way to begin getting a sense of Hartford's geography and size in a manner achievable neither by automobile nor by walking. In addition, bicycles are inextricably linked to Hartford history, as Hartford was known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as the "bicycle capital of the world."  Through bicycling, program participants will not only be learning about Hartford but also living one of Hartford's great legacies.

The first day will take participants through Hartford to visit and become familiar with most of Hartford's neighborhoods and parks, as well as numerous points of historic, architectural, cultural, social, and commercial interest.  The second day, participants will ride to the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) Reservoir in West Hartford where they will have the chance to ride around and get to know this great natural resource just outside of Hartford.

If you choose this option, please keep in mind that it will still take place in the rain, unless there is a downpour, so please have appropriate attire.

Hartford Highlights
Excitement and adventure await participants in this program! We will explore highlights of the city of Hartford, including the historic and famous Mark Twain House and the Harriett Beecher Stowe house next door. Both are said to be haunted! The Wadsworth Athenaeum, the oldest art museum in the country, is on our list, plus the beautiful and historic State Capitol building and Old State House. We will sample Hartford’s tastiest southern and Cajun cooking at Black Eyed Sally’s while enjoying live jazz and visit Hartford’s Little Italy to sample tasty pastry. Side trips to Hartford’s Science Museum and Hartford’s Ancient Burial Ground are an option. To relax after a day of Hartford experiences we ​will enjoy a soothing time of facilitated yoga and relaxation.​

Improv Comedy In Hartford - Whose Line is it Anyway?
Hartford is home to a thriving and expanding Improv Comedy scene. This program introduces students to this exciting part of Hartford's entertainment scene by giving them a two-day immersive improv training program. Participants will get to visit some of Hartford's performance spaces and sample local cuisine. An unforgettable few days of improv comedy, good food and city adventures await you!

100 Things to Do in Hartford Before You  Graduate
Based on the book by Chip McCabe
Let us introduce you to Hartford! Spend two days and three nights learning insider tips on the best spots to visit, eat, and hang out in Connecticut’s capital city. Meet your fellow classmates from the Class of 2021 and some Trinity College alumni, too. The itinerary includes a special introduction to Hartford and book signing with Chip McCabe, author of “100 Things to Do In Hartford Before You Die”. At the end of the journey, you’ll have completed over a dozen activities featured in the book. You’ll also receive a copy of the book to continue your adventures in Hartford long after Bantam Beginnings. The tour utilizes public transportation including the CTTRANSIT city bus and the Hartford DASH shuttle. Grab your baseball glove, comfortable shoes, a selfie stick, a postage stamp and most importantly, bring your appetite! ​

Spirit of the City
Get to know Hartford by visiting sacred spaces and encountering diverse cultural communities. Visit one of the oldest Congregational churches in New England; the historic neo-gothic Trinity College Chapel; the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Joseph, noted for its expanse of stained-glass windows and ceramic tile mural; the Berlin Mosque, a center of Muslim life in Connecticut; Hartford’s Glory Chapel International Cathedral; Beth David synagogue in West Hartford; and Dae Yen Sa Buddhist Temple, New Hartford. Join us for a rich and rewarding experience of Hartford and its surrounding communities.