Summer Housing



To be eligible for a summer term room, you must be one of the following:
  • Enrolled as a summer term student
  • Participating in a special summer research program at Trinity College
  • Working as an undergraduate summer term employee at Trinity College

Other Trinity College undergraduates will be considered after those listed above. Otherwise, summer term room reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.   Space is limited and once the summer buildings are full, no other buildings will be opened for summer use.  
 May 2015 graduates will only be considered for summer housing on a space available basis.
Please read the following information very carefully before applying.


Summer residents will be housed in Summit Suites. Summit Suites consists of air-conditioned singles and quads with a single community kitchen per dorm.  Due to limited space, we anticipate all rooms will be filled.

Applications will be dated and assignments made in the order in which the applications are received. If you wish to request roommates, please be sure that all roommates hand in their applications as soon a possible.  Roommate requests are not guaranteed. A group assignment will not be made until all applications from that group are received.  If a room is not filled to capacity, Residential Life reserves the right to fill any vacancy throughout the summer.
Goldberg's On Campus, located in the Vernon Social Center, will be the only dining facility open this summer.


Summer residents will not transition to their summer assignments until they receive notification from their summer area coordinator.  No rooms will be ready for occupancy prior to May 19. Summer residents must be moved out of their spring housing assignment by Monday, May 25 unless otherwise notified. The personal access codes and IDs for summer residents will be deactivated at 11:59 pm, May 25, in their spring assignments.  There will be no exceptions.


All codes in summer housing assignments will be deactivated at 11:59 pm on Sunday, August 23. No exceptions will be made.
Please note that the transition date to fall housing is subject to change.  Area coordinators will notify residents of any changes in the schedule.  The residence halls close on Saturday, May 9.  Charges for summer term will begin on May 17 and continue to August 23.  There is no meal plan.  Only seniors, commencement workers, resident assistants, summer residents, and athletes approved by the Athletic Department will be allowed to remain on campus after noon on May 10.


​May 9 Residence halls close promptly at noon.
May 19 Summer residents begin moving into their summer assignment when notified by the area coordinator that the room is ready for occupancy.
August 22 Students must be available to transition into their fall term room assignment or must vacate if they are not living on campus in the fall.
August 22-23 Students transition to fall assignments.
August 23-Sept 4th Summer residents may stay in their fall housing assignments.
September 4th ​Residence halls reopen for fall term.


  • In order to reserve a summer term room, a completed Summer Term Residence Application must be submitted to Residential Life.  We are almost at capacity.  Please fill out an application as soon as possible.
  • Cost of summer housing is $150 per week (Sunday – Saturday).  There is no meal plan.  
  • Payment for summer residence must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the summer housing term.
    • If you are covering your own expense, please submit your payment to the Office of Student Accounts by Friday, April 24. Please note that any payments that are returned for insufficient funds will nullify your contract.  You will have 5 business days from notification that your payment was insufficient to submit another payment to the Office of Student Accounts.  If payment is not made, your summer housing assignment will be cancelled.  Student Accounts will date the receipt of your application for assignment purposes.  
    • If your summer housing expense is being covered by a department (not a research grant through a faculty member), your department sponsor must submit an online Transfer of Funds to the Residential Life.   If a completed online form is not submitted, the application will be void.  
  • All summer residents will be held responsible for the condition of their rooms when checking out of summer housing.  Summer residents are expected to leave their rooms clean and free of trash and garbage.  Those who do not do so will be subject to excessive cleaning fees.  Departments who have agreed to cover housing costs will not be held responsible for excessive cleaning and/or damage that occurs over the summer. Fees incurred as a result of damage or excessive cleaning will be posted to the student’s fall tuition bill.  
  • Any summer residents who decide to leave summer housing earlier than anticipated must contact Residential Life in writing. A $100 fee may apply to residents who need a refund.  
  • Your room will be physically inspected by the summer area coordinators upon your departure.  Refunds will be based on the actual date that you vacate your summer housing assignment.  Failure to contact Residential Life with a different departure date than originally planned will result in denial of a refund.



Please read the Summer Term Residence Application carefully and fill out the section on room/roommate preferences.  Assignments are made in the order in which they are received.  Applications are due by April 24.  Room assignments will be delivered via email to your Trinity College when your room is ready for occupancy.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate any preferences you make.  Bear in mind, it is a first-come, first-served basis.


Your personal access code will be programmed into your summer housing assignment only for the dates that you have indicated on your summer application (and only for the weeks that have been prepaid).  Summer term residents are expected to be familiar with and abide by the Residential Guidelines and Student Handbook’s policies and procedures.

Click here for the 2015 Summer Housing Application.  Space is becoming limited. Please fill out ASAP.

Payment Form (if you are Faculty, paying from a research grants, etc)

Payment Form (Staff/Departmental)

Please contact Summer Housing Coordinator Jen Douglas at with questions.

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