​Nancy Miller, MD - Co-Medical Director

Alyssa Bennett, MD - Co-Medical Director

Martha B. O'Brien, MSN, ANP, BC, APRN -  Nurse Practitioner and Director of Health Services

Kara Anastasiou, MSN, FNP, BC, APRN -  Nurse Practitioner​

Geralyn Gherard, M.Ed. - Health Education Specialist     ​

Jeannette Gomez - Coordinator of Clinical Services

​Loreen Hayes, LPN - Nurse

​Aida Mancini - Medical Receptionist    ​

Mattie (Martha) Shamy Maniscalco, MSN, FNP, BC, APRN - Nurse Practitioner     ​

Pat Moriarty, MSN, ANP, BC, APRN - Nurse Practitioner    ​

Emily Pagano, M.S. - Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist (AOD)

Lynn Stanley - Insurance and Billing Service Coordinator

Stephanie Taylor, MSN, ANP, BC, APRN - Nurse Practitioner​​