Student Health Advisory Council


The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a student organization that promotes health and wellness on campus. SHAC sponsor events to help peers learn about being, staying, and getting health. Members serve as paid liaisons between Student Health Services and the student body, and provide guidance to the Health Services staff by helping to improve the delivery of healthcare and developing health and wellness programming.


Current Events - Spring 2013
This semester, members will be RED WATCH BAND certified to learn how to prevent peers from alcohol overdose.

Other events/programming include:

  • Sexual Responsibility Week (Feb. 11 to Feb. 15)
  • Eating Disorder's Awareness Week (Feb. 25 to Mar. 1)
  • Health and Wellness Week (Apr. 8 - Apr. 12)
  • Water project to increase potable water resources on campus
    with SGA and ARAMARK
  • and more!

Past Events - Fall 2012

  • Trinity's first Trialathon
  • Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Health & Wellness Trivia at the Bistro
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The Red Watch Band is a movement across the country designed to train students with the necessary skills to prevent alcohol overdose related accidents and deaths among peers. Starting the Spring semester of 2013, Trinity's Health Center and SHAC will be holding training sessions to certify interested students.
 Training includes:
  •   Hands-only CPR certification
  • Debunking first aid myths

You will leave with a heightened understanding of:

  • standard drink measurements
  •    Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) behaviors and levels of impairment
  • signs of life threatening alcohol overdose
  • how to deal with someone experiencing alcohol poisoning
  • how to prevent toxic drinking altogether
Sunday, March 10th


Rittenberg Lounge
First & Last Brunch will be served!
Email by March 8th to register.

JOIN SHAC!            

SHAC meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:00PM in the Jackson-Wheaton Lounge (the bridge connecting Jackson and Wheaton residence halls). All are welcome! 

Interested in joining? Email to sign up or come by our next meeting.