Health Insurance

Health Insurance Requirement

All traditional undergraduates, regardless of site of study, MUST have health insurance and provide proof of coverage EVERY year.  This proof is provided by either enrolling in the Aetna Student Health (ASH) Plan Trinity offers or, by waiving-out of ASH Plan by entering privately held insurance information online.   The only way to remove the insurance fee from your tuition bill is by waiving-out online. Click here to take action -WAIVE OUT or ENROLL.  Students should have an Insurance ID wallet card with them at all times.


2013-2014 AETNA Student Health Plan Costs


Undergraduate Students: Full Year - $1,570 , Spring only - $985 


Graduate and IDP Undergraduate Students (Voluntary): Full Year - $2,280 , Spring only - $1,425 

Briefly, the plan's policy year is 8/15/13 to 8/14/2014.  Students who enroll in the ASH Plan should use the health center on campus as their primary care point and need referrals for off campus evaluations. When the health center is closed, the insurance network can be used to access in-network care without a required referral.   Locate in-network doctors - Doc Finder
Current  Aetna Student Health Brochure
To review benefits and coverage offered by the Aetna Student Health Plan offered through Trinity please click here to view a highlight sheet
Health Insurance Grant
Grants are awarded to some students on financial aide. To apply for consideration of grant monies to help cover the cost of the insurance, enroll in the plan using the link above, then submit this application as directed.
International students

If an International student is insured by an international program and believes that policy provides equivalent coverage (i.e. a US claims address) to an American policy, the student or parent should contact that company and obtain "USA COVERAGE VERIFICATION" in writing to submit to Trinity. Most international insurance policies DO NOT cover claims in the USA and are not accepted.  If you have questions, please contact our broker University Health Plans at (800) 437-6448 or or Trinity College Health Center at (860) 297-2018.


Voluntary Coverage

Graduate Students and Undergraduate I.D.P. Students

Please contact the Student Health Insurance Specialist in the Health Center at 860-297-4025 to find out how to enroll and use the plan made for Graduate/IDP students.  To use the Health Center and be eligible to purchase voluntary coverage, you must be a matriculated student and be enrolled in at least 2 courses in the current semester.

Dental Coverage Benefits

A voluntary Dental Benefit plan is available for purchase independent of enrollment with Aetna Student Health Plan.   Please contact University Health Plans at 800-437-6448 for more information.

Sports Injuries

All athletes on a varsity Trinity team who are injured during a game or in-season practice should always report injuries to the College's Athletic Training Room Staff.  

Trinity has an "Excess Coverage Policy" for athletic injuries which means costs for care from sports injuries should first be sent through primary/home insurance coverage for all eligible payment and then, outstanding bills should be submitted to Training Room Staff for payment through our Excess Policy.  Our policy will cover medical expenses up to $90,000. 

Division III athletes are covered by a catastrophic insurance plan provided through the NCAA which covers costs of injury health care and recovery over $90,000.

Club sports are also covered as "Excess Coverage Policy" under a catastrophic insurance plan and questions concerning this should be directed to the Director of Recreation in Ferris Athletic Center 860/297-2104.

Travel Abroad

The Office of International Programs administers an International Insurance coverage.  Contact 860/297-2005 with questions.


Coverage information for graduating seniors 

Click here for information about how to maintain coverage after graduation: