Health Insurance

Health Insurance Requirement

Trinity College requires all enrolled traditional undergraduate students have valid annual health insurance coverage regardless of site of study.

To assist students/families who may have no or limited coverage available to them while on and around campus in Hartford, CT, Trinity offers an annual undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) that is billed to the student’s account. This ACA compliant policy is underwritten by Aetna Student Health and managed by GallagherStudent Health Insurance.  A description of benefit coverage can be found at  (available mid June)

All undergraduate students will be enrolled and charged for this coverage.

Students/Families may elect to maintain their coverage from home instead of purchasing the SHIP by completing a waiver to opt-out which informs the health center of other active coverage. The deadline to complete the waiver is July 31.  If you miss the deadline a $50 fee will be billed to your student bill to make changes while they can still be made.  If no action is taken by the default enrollment date, no changes can be made to the annual coverage until the next open enrollment period next summer.

Be advised that if your coverage originates outside of Connecticut, i.e HMO plans, state Medicaid plans, and state based exchange plans, you may want to consider enrolling in the SHIP because your insurance may not list the Trinity College Health Center (TCHC) and local providers around our campus  as IN-Network and therefore may not be paid in full for services rendered resulting in out-of-pocket expense for you. 

The TCHC uses a fee-for-service billing model, similar to your home physician’s office. There are charges for office visits, laboratory services, and pharmacy items. TCHC will file insurance claims directly to all insurance companies. Any and all charges deemed to be the “member responsibility” by your insurance company, such as deductibles, co-insurance, and copays, will be posted to the student’s account for payment. 

To opt-out and waive the SHIP please follow this link to complete the online waiver. (available early June)

 Students/Families who want to purchase the SHIP coverage must complete the online enrollment form before the open enrollment deadline of  July 31. Timely enrollment gets your information to the insurance company prior to the default enrollment. Until your enrollment is processed by Gallagher, you will not be able to use your insurance at a pharmacy or at a doctor’s office or hospital. Please follow this link to complete the online enrollment. (available early June) to activate your coverage for August 1.

 ALL students should carry insurance cards and prescription cards. The TCHC will copy the front and back of the insurance card at every visit. Should your insurance plan change, please provide your student with a current updated insurance card if no card is available at the time of the visit we will file a claim with the company you completed the waiver with and all unpaid charges will be applied to the student account.

 If you have any questions about the online waiver/enrollment process or about the Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk toll free at 844-288-4917.

International Students

 All students who study at Trinity on a J1 or F1 VISA cannot waive out of the SHIP coverage based on citizenship/VISA requirements.

Health Insurance Grant

 Some grants are available to students on financial aide who meet criteria. To apply for a grant contact the Financial Aid office 860-297-2048.

Graduate Students and Undergraduate I.D.P. Students

The voluntary Trinity College Student Health Insurance Plan for Graduate and Part-Time Undergraduate students will not be available for the 2016-2017 academic year.  For those enrolled in the 2015-16 Plan, coverage will terminate on July 31, 2016.  Note for students currently enrolled in the 15-16 Plan: Your loss of coverage when this Plan expires on July 31st,  would be considered a qualifying event in order to join another insurance plan outside of their regular open enrollment period.  If you have any other benefit questions regarding your 2015-16 health insurance plan, please contact the Customer Service Department at Aetna Student Health at 866-725-4433.

Though this particular plan will no longer be available, you should be aware of options that you have in order to maintain health insurance coverage while attending Trinity College.

1) Coverage under a parent’s employer insurance plan: For those under age 26, you may qualify to enroll as a dependent on the health insurance held by a parent. Please contact the employer for further details.

2) Individual coverage through your state insurance marketplace: Coverage is available for individual enrollment through the insurance marketplace in the state in which you are a permanent resident.  For CT visit review the plans that you may qualify for. Depending on your household income, you may also qualify for a subsidy for coverage purchased through your state marketplace.

3) Shop for "Individual health insurance plans" available on the open market (outside of the official state marketplace) I.e.,, etc.

As you consider your options, please keep in mind the following: 

• PREMIUM: While many plans offer “cheaper” premiums, look at the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance as lower premiums frequently result in higher out-of-pocket costs and limited networks. Before making your decision, consider your entire potential out-of-pocket cost to determine the best value for your individual needs.

• NETWORK: Does the network for the Plan extend to the Hartford, CT region? Are the doctors you already see considered in-network?  If you are an out-of-state student, pay special attention to networks that offer limited HMO networks as these will likely not cover you in CT. 

• DEDUCTIBLE (the amount you must pay before insurance coverage begins): Is this an amount you are prepared to pay before coverage can be accessed? 

• COINSURANCE (the amount insurance pays after the deductible is met):  Be aware of this coverage as you are responsible for the amount after coinsurance is applied. For example, if your plan has 70% coinsurance, you would be responsible for the remaining 30% of charges for services received. 

• COPAYS: What is your copay for a doctor’s office visit? Specialist visit? ER Visit? Prescription Drugs? 

Dental Coverage Benefits

A voluntary Dental plan is available for purchase, please see the website

Sports Injuries 

All athletes on a varsity Trinity team who are injured during a game or in-season practice should always report injuries to the College's Athletic Training Room Staff.  Contact 860.297.2575 with questions.

Trinity has an "Excess Coverage Policy" for athletic injuries which means costs for care from sports injuries should first be sent through primary/home insurance coverage for all eligible payment and then, outstanding bills should be submitted to Training Room Staff for payment through our Excess Policy.  

Division III athletes are covered by a catastrophic insurance plan provided through the NCAA.

Study Away Coverage

The Office of Study Away administers an International Insurance coverage.  Contact 860.297-2005 with questions.