Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage which is comparable in access and benefits to the school offered plan is mandatory of all enrolled traditional undergraduates each year regardless of site of study. To insure universal coverage, all full time matriculated students are placed in a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and charged the annual premium on their tuition bill. Students/Families may elect to maintain personal or family coverage from home insurance and cancel the SHIP coverage by opting-out of it [completing the on-line hard waiver]. The hard waiver notifies Trinity of home coverage and must be completed annually during Open Enrollment Period. The waiver reverses the tuition’s premium charge and rescinds the automatic enrollment. The benefits and coverage of the SHIP plan can be reviewed at The SHIP’s annual premium for the period 1/1/2018-7/30/2018 is $1223. The deadline to complete the waiver is January 31. Failure to complete the waiver activates the annual policy which is inforce until the following summer and cannot be changed.

What you need to know:

The campus Health Center uses a fee-for-service model and our staff are contracted providers with many plans [Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, Connecticare, Oxford and UnitedHealth Care].  The Health Center files claims directly to all insurance companies.

Your home insurance plan dictates benefits for you while in Hartford and may not cover services.  It is the student’s responsibility know their insurance policy compliance guidelines and obtain necessary referrals.

We encourage you to confirm your coverage benefits in our area with a call to your company’s Member Services line and inquire about the network available in our zip code, 06106, and in the college’s Health Center (tax-id# 06-0646927).  It may also prove beneficial to inquire if any “away from home” paperwork needs to be completed to insure continuation of home benefits while on campus.

Please note:  Students with out-of-state HMO or Medicaid plans with no in-network coverage in Connecticut or coverage for “emergencies only” will not be permitted to waive coverage. 

Students must present an insurance ID card [front and back] at all Health Center visits.  If no card is available at the time of the visit, we will file a claim with the company the waiver was completed with during the open enrollment process.

All charges deemed to be the member responsibility by your insurance company’s decision [i.e. deductibles, coinsurance and copay] will be posted to the student’s tuition account for payment.

What you need to do:

Decide whether to keep the SHIP or opt out of the SHIP by waiving, then visit the website to complete the action, you have any questions about the online waiver/enrollment process or on the SHIP coverage call our agent Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 844-288-4917.

A financial grant is available to help cover the cost of the premium for families who qualify, the grant application is available on the health center website.  Please contact the financial aid office with questions at 860-297-2046.

Important dates/DEADLINES:

December 15- Deadline to waive  insurance without fee

December 16 to January 29 - Petition to waive period. If petition is granted, there will be a $50 fee.  If petition to waive is not granted, insurance premium remains due and coverage remains active.

January 30 - Coverage remains for the annual policy, no petitions will be accepted after this date.​

How to waive/activate the health insurance program

[You'll need your Trinity email open, student ID number and insurance card to complete the waiver]    


  1. Go to Website:
  2. Under the "Student Access" menu on the left, click on "Full-Time Undergraduate Student Waive/Enroll"
    To Waive Out:  Select "I want to Waive"
    To Activate/Enroll:  Select "I want to Enroll"
  3. Login:
    Username is your Trinity email address, ex:
    Initial Password is your Trinity student ID 7-digit number with 2 lead zeros (ex: 007123456), for a total of 9 digits.  If you do not know your student ID number, you can find it at the top of your task list on the Student/Starting Out Portal. If you cannot access your Trinity email address call the Help Desk at 860-297-2100.

Upon logging in, you will be asked to reset your password. Instructions will be sent to your username /school email address. Once reset, you will be able to log in with your new password. 


Your password is the one you previously chose. If you have forgotten your password, please click the 'Forgot Password' link to have a password reset link sent to your Trinity College email address.

You will then be prompted to create a unique password 

NOTE:  Once you have created your “unique” password, it will be used for the annual process to waive/enroll, as applicable.

IMPORTANT:  Print or save your confirmation page as record of waiver/activation request. 

Please read instructions carefully, as your Gallagher Student user account is different than any of your Trinity College accounts. 

If you need assistance with the log in process, please contact Gallagher Student Health by calling 844-288-4917.

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Health Insurance Grant application

Dental Insurance information/Options

Vision Insurance information/Options

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Graduate and Part-Time student information

International Students

All J1/F1 VISA  students will be automatically enrolled in a ISO Care plan for Trinity College. Details are available on the international student tab above on the left.

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Health Insurance Grant

A financial grant is available to help cover the cost of the premium for families who qualify, the grant application is located here​.  Please contact the financial aid office with questions at 860-297-2046. 

SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM BY AUGUST 4 to: Trinity College Financial Aid Office 300 Summit Street   Hartford, CT 06106 Telephone: 860-297-2046   Fax:  860‐987‐6296 Email: financial‐

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6. Dental Insurance Options

Discount Plans (not an insurance policy)

a. Every student enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan [SHIP] is also concurrently enrolled in a dental discount program, Basix Dental Savings and Wellness  This isn’t dental insurance but does provide reduced cost dental services near campus. For information follow the link above or call 844-288-4917.

b. Dr. Ravin, a local provider has an in-office plan with discounts and payment plans for any and all patients affiliated with Trinity College;

Hospital Dental Group Dr Ravin MBA DDS MAGD
85 Seymour Street, Suite 922, Hartford, CT  06106 (860) 431-0515

Purchase a Dental Plan:

a. Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk sells an individual dental plan.  You can view the plan benefits at

b. Bailey Agency offers dental insurance plans in our area information can be viewed at or by calling 860-446-8255 X102.

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7. Vision Insurance Options

Discount Plans (not an insurance plan)

Gallagher Student Health offers a free discount vision plan through EyeMed Vision Care to all students enrolled in the SHIP.  Please click on the following link to download the EyeMed Flyer. Click to print an EyeMed ID Card: EyeMed ID Card.

Purchase a Vision Insurance Plan

Gallagher Student Health 844-288-4917, the agent Trinity College works with to provide the student health insurance sells a dental policy with an optional Vision Policy for an additional $7.00. 

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8. Athletic/Sports Injuries

All athletes on a varsity Trinity team who are injured during a game or in-season practice should always report injuries to the College's Athletic Training Room Staff.  Contact 860-297-2575 with questions.

Trinity has an "Excess Coverage Policy" for athletic injuries which means costs for care from sports injuries should first be sent through primary/home insurance coverage for all eligible payment and then, outstanding bills should be submitted to Training Room Staff for payment through our Excess Policy.  

Division III athletes are covered by a catastrophic insurance plan provided through the NCAA.

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9. Study Away Coverage 

The Office of Study Away administers an out of country Insurance coverage.  Contact 860-297-2005 with questions.

Students who study away still need to maintain insurance and complete the annual health insurance waiver annually regardless of site of study.

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10. Graduate Students and Part Time Undergraduates

Coverage under a parent’s employer insurance plan: For those under age 26, you may qualify to enroll as a dependent on the health insurance held by a parent. Please contact the employer for further details.

Individual coverage through your state insurance marketplace: Coverage is available for individual enrollment through the insurance marketplace in the state in which you are a permanent resident.  For CT visit review the plans that you may qualify for. Depending on your household income, you may also qualify for a subsidy for coverage purchased through your state marketplace.

Shop for "Individual health insurance plans" available on the open market (outside of the official state marketplace) I.e.,, etc.

As you consider your options, please keep in mind the following: 

  • PREMIUM: While many plans offer “cheaper” premiums, look at the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance as lower premiums frequently result in higher out-of-pocket costs and limited networks. Before making your decision, consider your entire potential out-of-pocket cost to determine the best value for your individual needs.
  • NETWORK: Does the network for the Plan extend to the Hartford, CT region? Are the doctors you already see considered in-network?  If you are an out-of-state student, pay special attention to networks that offer limited HMO networks as these will likely not cover you in CT.
  • DEDUCTIBLE (the amount you must pay before insurance coverage begins): Is this an amount you are prepared to pay before coverage can be accessed? 
  • COINSURANCE (the amount insurance pays after the deductible is met):  Be aware of this coverage as you are responsible for the amount after coinsurance is applied. For example, if your plan has 70% coinsurance, you would be responsible for the remaining 30% of charges for services received.
  • COPAYS: What is your copay for a doctor’s office visit? Specialist visit? ER Visit? Prescription Drugs? 

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