Information for incoming students

Welcome Students!

Health Center requirements must be completed in order to move on to campus and to verify course registration upon arrival.  

There are 4 steps [found to the left]

Step 1. Print the Consent and Immunizations Form and after completing the top have your health care provider complete the bottom

Step 2. Initiating your student health portal to complete your medical history and tuberculosis screening

Step 3. completing the proof of Health Insurance requirement.

Step 4.completing an on-line education program on Alcohol

SUBMISSION of forms does not "COMPLETE THE TASK" on your first year portal, information must be reviewed for acceptance which can take up to 30 days.   You will be contacted via your trinity health portal describing what is deficient or, your task will be changed to "complete" on your Portal Checklist if all requirements have been met. 

Please watch the video below for more information. You may contact with any questions.

Trinity is also required by statute to provide you with the following information to read, please click on these documents to access/read the information:

  1. First Year Hepatitis B Fact Sheet
  2. First Year Meningitis Letter
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices

 Also read: Please Bring Your Student to Campus Prepared​