Student Health Portal - Medical History

​​​Medical history given to the Health Center will provide a basis for ongoing care while a Trinity student.  Forms are completed through your confidential "Student Health Portal", try them yourself asking your parents/guardians for unknown  information.


1) follow link to NEW student health portal.

2) Register as a New User, (this is a DIFFERENT system than your Trinity Portal) this creates your secure/confidential portal which will be used for all sensitive health communications while you are a Trinity student.

3)  Once registered go directly to your TRINITY EMAIL ACCOUNT for your newly GENERATED "HEALTH PORTAL PASSWORD", it will be sent to your trinity email from

4)  Once on the portal, you can click on “My Profile” to change the portal password to match your Trinity email password to make it easier for subsequent access.

5) Click on "my forms"* tab to complete the Health History Form Questionnaire.

     * the forms appear differently in different internet browsers, if one browser presents a viewing or answers issue try a different one (FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc..)

​Please contact us​ if you have any questions or if you need to request an extension. The video below walks you through the process of registering for the health portal.