Health Insurance Requirement

  1. ​​Go to Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk website​ annually in summer.
  2. Click the Student Waive/Enroll button in the left margin
  3. Make your selection:

​​Waive- Choose this option if you have existing health insurance and do not want to supplement it with the Trinity's Student Health Insurance Plan.  Insurance underwritten by companies outside of the United States and Medicaid coverage outside of Connecticut are not suitable coverage and cannot be used to waive out of the  Student Health Insurance Plan.
Enroll- Choose this option if you don't have existing health insurance or if you want to supplement your existing plan with the coverage provided by the ASH Plan.  This is very helpful for those who have high deductible plans or out of state HMOs.

Each student needs to have their own Insurance ID wallet card.

Please contact us​ if you have any questions, 860-297-2017.​


Health Insurance Grant

Grants are awarded to some students who receive financial aid. To apply for consideration of a grant to help cover the cost of the student insurance plan, enroll in the Plan using the link above, then submit this application to the health center.  Submissions will ONLY BE ACCEPTED UNTIL AUGUST 1.