Our Staff

Dr. Randolph M. Lee, Director of the Counseling Center, Dr. Kristine A. Kennen, Assistant Director, and Dr. Kathryne Marinchak are licensed clinical psychologists.  According to both Trinity College policy and federal and state law, all information and material gathered by the staff of the Counseling Center are available only to the Counseling Center staff. Except in the case of clear and imminent danger to an individual or society, no information will be transmitted to anyone inside or outside the College without the consent of the student.

The Counseling Center staff also includes three post-doctoral fellows and two pre-doctoral clinical trainees, advanced graduate students in the doctoral training program in clinical psychology at the University of Hartford

We also have a consulting psychologist available in the Center for medication consultation for students who are in therapy with one of the members of the staff, who is available on referral from a member of the Center staff.  Appointments may be made with any member of the staff by calling the Center (860-297-2415).  Our Office Coordinator is Kristina Cavalieri.

Counseling Center Staff, 2015-2016

Randolph Lee, Ph.D.

Kristine A. Kennen, Psy.D.
Assistant Director

Kate Marinchak, Psy.D.

Kristina Cavalieri
Office Coordinator
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Greg Betz, Psy.D.
Kristin Hambidge, Psy.D.

Pre-Doctoral Trainees
Alexandria Ambrose
Sonia Altavilla
Colleen Burke
Liz Rosenthal