Information and Guidelines

How to get involved

It’s as easy as going to Ferris Athletic Center to work out or talking to your Intramural Ambassador in your Residence Hall as a First Year Student.  Checking the and the Trinity College Insite will give you lots of information on competitive sports.  Check out the opportunities in the four areas; informal recreation, intramural sports, club sports and exercise classes.

Signing-up for Intramural Sports

All team sign-ups are done through the website.  There is a full range of team and individual sports.  First Year Students are part of the First Year Student All Year Intramural Sports Competition and should coordinate with their Intramural Sports Ambassador.  Upperclass teams can be registered by team captains or designated Intramural Ambassadors if a group of students will be playing multiple sports.

What’s an Intramural Ambassador?

The Intramural Sports Ambassador organizes their hall residents and encourages participation in all sports offered.  They manage this through the  There are two divisions for each sport.  Blue is for the serious competitor.  Gold is for the participant who is a little less competitive, but wants to play.  The First Year Students compete in various sports for the Trinity College First Year Intramural Sports Cup.  Sports can be as varied as Broomball and Innertube Waterpolo.  More people participating means more points awarded for becoming the winners of the Cup!  First Year Residence Halls are Smith/Jackson, North Campus, Elton, Jones, Little/Frobb.

Upperclass students in residence halls or social organizations can also have an Intramural Ambassador who enters teams for competition.  Upperclass teams will also have the option of Blue (more competitive) or Gold division.  Upperclass also use the to register their teams.