Trip Options

​Quest is excited to offer several trip options to accomodate students who wish to particpant in one or more Pre-Orientation programs.  

10 Day Backpacking and Climbing

​​August 20th - 30th 

Cost: $600

This trip is the heart and soul of Quest. This longer backpacking and climbing trip allows first-years and their upper class instructors to connect and form bonds on a level that cannot be achieved on the 4-Day trips. This year, 10-Day participants will hike the entire length of the Connecticut Appalachian Trail, a total of 53 miles.  10-Day participants will also rock climb on the cliffs in Kent, CT. Participants will become familiar with all the wilderness skills necessary to live comfortably in the woods. 


4 Day Backpacking 

August 20th - 24th & August 26th - 30th 

Cost: $375

The 4-Day Backpacking trip is the most popular Quest option. Since Quest moved to the Appalachian Trail in 2008, Trinity has offered this incredible opportunity for a small group of 5-8 first-years to bond and connect with upper-class mentors all while hiking in a beautiful environment along the Connecticut Appalachian Trail.


4 Day Backpacking and Climbing 

August 20th - 24th & August 26th - 30th 

Cost: $375

Last year’s introduction of the Combo trips was a huge success. This Quest trip is a great option for first-years who want to meet as many Trinity students as possible. First-years will backpack for three days and climb for one. This outdoor sampler trip offers lower mileage days than the backpacking trip and is less intense than the 3-day climbing trip. 

4 Day Rock Climbing trip

August 20th - 24th & August 26th - 30th 

Cost: $375

Participants who choose the rock climbing trip will be rewarded with some of the best views in the state and will have a great sense of comradery among the other participants. The sport of rock climbing has increased in popularity since the mid-70s. Rock climbing is now in main stream media and is viewed as a great lifetime sport. With 5-6 other first-years, groups will travel to various cliffs throughout the state and will learn how to climb, belay, and rappel.