Quest on the Appalachian Trail

The New England section of the Appalachian Trail provides some of the most breath-taking views offered by one of the longest marked hiking trails in the United States. The Connecticut portion in particular winds around weathered peaks and alongside fresh-water rivers and streams.

Participants will backpack along glacier-shaped mountain ridges, rappel on the 100 foot tall cliffs of St. Johns Ledges, and have an opportunity to climb the slabby ledges during a facilitated day of rock climbing. Meals will be cooked along the trail using lightweight backpacking stoves and each night will be spent under the stars, with tarp shelters provided for protection from wind and rain. 

Learn more about the Appalachian Trail here ​from the conservatory web site. 

Incoming first years have the opportunity to start their Trinity  College journey with a wilderness adventure on Quest, Trinity’s extended pre-orientation on the Appalachian Trail (the “AT”).

For the past ten summers, Trinity College has been proud to offer the Quest Leadership & Pre-Orientation Program. Few colleges or universities offer an extended wilderness adventure comparable to Quest. The program’s philosophy encourages participants to take on new challenges and responsibilities, meet other Trinity students, and transition into college.

Students will be transported from Trinity College to the Appalachian Trail in New England and divided into groups of six to ten participants.

Previous outdoor experience is not required: two-three wilderness student instructors will teach all the basic skills necessary for the successful completion of Quest. 

Trinity College faculty and staff may accompany portions of the first-year expereince on Quest. The Quest program is predominately student run, where upperclass leaders at Trinity College are responsible for the climbing and rappelling facilitation, transportation, and overall program logistics.  At the conclusion of the program, participants will be transported back to campus. "4 Day A" trip participants will arrive in time to participate in fall athletic practices and other Pre-Orientation programs.