Zipcar at Trinity

What is Zipcar?
Zipcar is a unique car-sharing service for Trinity students, faculty, and staff ages 18+ that provides affordable access to low-emission vehicles by the hour – for errands, for meetings, or just for fun! Gasoline, car insurance, parking and maintenance are on us! Here at Trinity, there are four fuel-efficient cars to choose from.
You buy pizza by the slice, download music by the song… why not pay for cars by the drive?

How does it work?

Once you sign up to become a member, Zipcar will send you a Zipcard. This is your electronic "key" that opens the cars. Just make a reservation online for any available car, touch your Zipcard to the windshield reader, hop inside and off you go. When you are done, return the car to its assigned parking space and lock ‘er up. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

Using Zipcar, you can save big bucks. Whereas AAA reports that it costs more than $7800 a year to own a car – and that’s not including a parking permit on campus – Zipcar members just pay one simple hourly (or daily) rate that includes gas, insurance, maintenance, a reserved parking space on-campus, 180 free miles per reservation, roadside assistance and 24-hour customer service. It costs as little as $8 per hour and $66 per day, depending on your selection of rate plan and vehicle.
There is a $35 membership fee, but join now and you will receive $35 in driving credits to use during your first month of membership. So, join and drive today!

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A message from our legal counsel: In becoming a member, individuals will form a contractual relationship with Zipcar that does not involve Trinity College.  Trinity College has no control or responsibility for that contract or for any individual’s use of the Zipcars, as Trinity College has no financial interest in Zipcar, nor is Zipcar an agent or affiliate of the College.  In addition, please understand that Trinity College does not have any ownership right or control of the Zipcars, nor any responsibility or liability for any injury, inherent risk, or damage to persons or property that result from the use of the Zipcars.  Members are personally responsible for their usage, as well as any fees, penalties, or fines associated with their membership and reservations.  We understand that Zipcar provides insurance to its members.  Trinity College has no involvement in the provision of this insurance or the terms of its coverage.  You can obtain information regarding the insurance coverage by contacting Zipcar and you may also wish to speak to your insurance agent or broker regarding whether the insurance provided by Zipcar is sufficient or whether supplemental insurance is necessary or desirable.