WGRAC Office Hours and Student Staff

WGRAC Office  hours are 9-5pm, M-F. If we are not available or you need to reach us outside these hours please call (860)297-2408 /4131 or email: Laura.Lockwood@trincoll.edu or Monique.Daley@trincoll.edu


Director's Assistant:  Anna Lee, '20 

Masculinity Project: Lori Puopolo, '18; Anthony Davis, '20

Media Coordinator:  Elisabed Gedevanishvili, '20

PHAB  (Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body) Co-Coordinator:   Hamna Tariq, '20; Isabel Exstein, '19

SECS (Students Encouraging Consensual Sex) Co-Coordinator:  Emily Kaufman, '18; Brigita Kuzmickaite, '18   

Summer Assistant: Summer Assistant: Becky Nicolas, '19


Interested in volunteering?!  contact: Laura.lockwood@trincoll.edu or Monique.daley@trincoll.edu