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February, 2008 

April, 2008 

“Your Revolution Will Not Be Televised Between These Thighs”

By Sara Jones 

Dedicated to all the women and men struggling to keep their self-respect in this climate of misogyny, money-worship, and mass production of hip-hop's illegitimate child, "hip-pop", and especially to Gil Scott-Heron, friend, living legend and proto-rapper, who wrote The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. And you know how we do it in the hip-hop hop generation y’all: This is the remix. much respect. 

Your revolution will not happen between these thighs
Your revolution will not happen between these thighs 

The real revolution ain’t about booty size the Versaces you buys or the Lexus you don’t drive

And though we have lost biggie smalls baby your notorious revolution will never allow you to lace no lyrical douche in my bush

Your revolution will not be you killing me softly with Fugees

Your revolution aint gon knock me up without no ring or no plans

and produce little future MC’s because THAT revolution will not happen between these thighs

And your revolution will not find me in the backseat of a jeep with LL, hard as hell, doin it and doin it and doin it well

Your revolution will not be you smacking it up, flippin’ it, or rubbin it down,

nor will it take you downtown or humpin around because THAT revolution will not happen between these thighs

And your revolution will not have me singin “Ain’t no nigga like the one I got”,

Your revolution will not be yo ass sending me for no VD shot,

And your revolution will not involve me feelin your nature rise or helping you fantasize because THAT revolution will not happen between these thighs

And no, my Jamaican brother, your revolution will not make you feel BOMbastic and really fantastic

 and have you gropin in the dark for that rubber wrapped in plastic

And you will not be touchin your lips to my triple dip of French vanilla butter pecan chocolate deluxe, or havin Akinyele’s dream,

A six-foot blow-job machine

Oh you wanna subjugate your queen?

think I should put that in my mouth just 'cause you made a few bucks, [please] 

Your revolution will not be you dyeing your hair platinum blonde, singin’ bout what we gon do all night long cause all you wanna see is that thong-tha-thong-thong-thong, because THAT revolution will not happen between these thighs

But, what your revolution makes me wonder where could we go if we could all drop the empty pursuit of props 

and the ego revolt back to our Roots,
use a little Common sense on a Quest to make love De La Soul, no pretense...but

your revolution will not be you flexing your little sex and status to express what you feel;
your revolution will not happen between these thighs will not happen between these thighs
will not be you shaking and me …… eventually faking between these thighs 

because…why? Because the Revolution, when it finally comes, for ALL of us, it’s gon’ be real.

Poem: "Barbie And Ken 101"
Poet: Rafael Casal

sometimes I feel like I'm sittin' in the back row of Barbie and Ken 101
a class we are all in, but never seem to learn from
Some general ed requirement for
Students of American culture
A GE that convinces even the brightest
of young women that sex is survival of the thinnest
and I'm sick of this education that doesn't serve our best interests
my teacher has no face
she is every Revelon model women have ever chased
her lectures come through magazines in beauty shops & add campaigns,
just turn on your tv
this just in, a skewed perspective for todays youth y'al ladies aint thin enough, fellas aint trim
enough, wanna be sexy?
Y'al don't go to the gym enough, cut to commercial, common just come tune
in to our maintenance team, convince you're ugly then tell you how to fix it with maybeline
Perpetually started by these dolls marketed in the late 50's named
Barbie and Ken
hence the
class I'm in
Are you following?
Shit didn't end
They keep moldin' Barbie to fit new trends
next maybe they'll have club hoppin' Barbie
With thongs as accessories
video hoe Barbie
abusive boyfriend sold separately
underaged Barbie
Cobey Bryant included
or 9/11 victim Barbie
and Ken is proud to get recruited
problem is all these teachings are womans decay
and I'm startin' to worry cuz my girl is up front and she's getting an A
this is where I start getting pissed off ok
when the f**k did it become all about
tuckin' in the gutt I gotta get the bigger breast
shit I wanna fit a little better in a dress
so let me get a little skinny gotta fit into an itty bitty
size slimmer so I livin up the chest
teacher teacher I wanna give my oral presentation
cuz I have a problem with the class, and matter of fact, I have, a fat ass grudge with the
whole administration
you're the reason my girl won't eat in front of me in restaurants

the reason that she thinks she's overweight in over ten spots
less gut less pudge less lunch less real, more looks more love more Barbie
f**k Barbie and Ken
My future daughter will never play with them
you're the reason bleedin' 15 year old girls arms are slit
You made 12 year olds think skinny was a compliment
And now it's too late
I can't write my way through this bathroom door
So I raise my hand in class cuz I can't stand it any more
Teacher teacher your lectures all backwards
You got mothers and daughters forgetting what matters
Cuz above tits, ass, lips, legs, and ugs
The most attractive women are the ones who don't give a f**k
So screw your teachings your lessons and plans
You skewed sick distant relative of the man
Your plan for brainwashin' my baby I reject
I'm walkin' out of this class, and I will proudly take, my F