What is the Women's Center?

The Women's Center, located in Mather Hall, consists of an office and a lounge/library. The office houses the student staff and Director. The Women's Center Lounge/Library is used for student group meetings, hanging out and reading the 'zines or watching TV, parties, study, research (we have archived Women's magazines fromthe past 30 years) or browing the library. The Women's Center Lounge can also be reserved for classes of up to 20 people.
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What goes on there?

Currently, a wide variety of programs are held at WGRAC, including lunchtime talks by faculty members, films, a student-run multiciltural discussion group and meetings of student groups such as: SART - Sexual Assault Response Team Zeta Omega Eta Anti-Sweatshop Clothing Exchange Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body (PHAB) Safe Zone Program "Coming-Out" Network Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) WGRAC Movie Night WGRAC Reading Group Knitting & Crochet Faculty/Staff Group WGRAC Lunch Series Vagina Monolgues "Voices Raised in Power" Take Back the Night Back to Top

What is the difference between the Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC) and the Women's Studies Program?

WGRAC is an administrative office which provides information, programming, counesling, activisim, resources and training on gender issues for the campus community. The Women's Studies Program is an academic program which sponsors, for credit, courses relating to women's issues and offers a major and minor in Women's Studies.
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But isn't WGRAC just for feminists?

WGRAC welcomes the participation of all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs. Our goal is to provide programs where the debate of controversial topics is encouraged, to build community as a force for positive cultural change on campus, and break down barriers between groups of varying gender, ethnicity, gender identity, race, religion, ability and size.
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Do men go to WGRAC?

Absolutely! Male students, administrators and faculty members regularly come to WGRAC and are on staff, participate in programs, volunteer, and are active in the student groups. Gender equity is an issue that concerns all of us!!
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If I have a problem, is there anyone there that I can talk to?

Laura Lockwood, the director, is available to talk with students on a short temr basis about issues that may be troubling you. Issues she has dealt with include sexual harassment and assault, stalking, dating and relationship violence, pregnancy, stress, eating disorders, gender identity, dating and relationship issues, and more. Laura is a crisis counselor, and has over ten years of experience working with college age students on these issues. Members of SART are also available for counseling.
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Can WGRAC be used by students for studying or social gatherings?

Yes! The WGRAC library/lounge is reserved regularly by students for organizational meetings, support groups, study sessions, and social gatherings. Please email or call Laura or Lauren to reserve the library/lounge, or stop by.
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How can I find out what is happening at WGRAC?

Check out the calender listings on this website, and watch the Trinity Exchange, WGRAC's Bulletin Board (by the Post Office) for announcements of upcoming events. Or call x2408 and ask for Laura or Lauren, or email: Laura.Lockwood@trincoll.edu, or Lauren.Donais@trincoll.edu.
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How do I get involved with WGRAC?

Just talk to the director! Students are always welcome to join ongoing groups, or volunteer to help with the library, the newsletter, or our Feminist Scholarship Review. Paid positions are also available for students. Stop by WGRAC to apply! Back to Top