Zane Chitty

Zane is a first-year student from Malaysia. He is thinking of studying Engineering and explores other curricular and extracurricular options!

​(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal​)

What brought Zane to Trinity:
 “I was looking at Liberal Arts Schools with an Engineering program and Trinity is pretty much the only one I got into that gave good financial aid. I also was looking at the UK and I got a lot of good offers but I think the liberal arts program is something that was really interesting to me. "

Exploring beyond the Engineering department:
"Right now I am taking a Philosophy class. I might minor in Philosophy. I just don’t want to be stuck in Math and Engineering all the time. I’m also taking Chemistry. All my classes are great, they are fun." 

Zane is on the crew team, practicing almost daily. 

"I’ve been on trips with the rock climbing club and the outdoors club but [as an athlete] you really don’t have that much time. You really have to prioritize what you want to do. The crew season is going to be over [early in the Fall semester, then I have a bit more flexibility in terms of clubs and work]."  

First impressions as an international student at Trinity
“There are quite a few international students, so it’s really nice to talk to other international students about their time here. Katie, [the international student advisor,] is good at helping us out. There are definitely a lot of resources to help us feel at home, get our stuff together. Everyone else is really nice to us. There is just so much to do, so many opportunities you have to explore over your four years here. It’s a bit overwhelming at first because you don’t know what to choose so you just have to be taken for a ride. International Orientation was nice because everyone was together, being in a new country, you meet a lot of friends in the first few days."